Sprint Dropping Motorola i1 and Samsung Intercept (Moment 2) July 11

Sprint customers looking beyond this week’s EVO 4G release are advised to mark their calendar for July 11th.  If the latest leak holds up, this will be the day Sprint releases both the Motorola i1 and Samsung Intercept. 

The push-to-talk i1 was unveiled at CTIA back in March and has recently seen its share of launch announcements.  The Intercept is a new name but not a new phone.  We’ve formerly covered this device under the previous nickname “Moment 2”.  Officially tagged with the product name of SPH-M910, not a great deal is known about the phone.  Beyond Android 2.1 and a sliding QWERTY, we’re still in the dark.

Samsung Intercept (Formerly "Moment 2")
  • Although I can not have EVO 4G (IMO the Galaxy win, and if you want to know why, Google "Hummingbird vs Snapdragon" and check out my article Alien Babel Tech, I know, plug shameless), it is still good news.

  • Well it appears that this gadget is now intercept. Latest Intercept Details

  • eka

    thanks for sharing. nice info :p

  • Mike

    Problem is that for now you can't connect it to a PC. There are no drivers available. Hopefully they'll address this in the next 30 days (sprint gives you a no questions asked 30 day grace period for returns) or I'm taking mine back.

    I liked the tethered modem feature available at PDA.net for droid phones and blackberries. Will the new PC studio work for this phone? Anyway, I own this phone and I'm not a happy camper.