February 26, 2015

Android 2.1 Powered Huawei S7 Tablet Works as 7-Inch Phone

If there is one thing Android has certainly become very good at, it’s blurring the line between tablet and smart phone.  Where exactly does one decide to stop calling something a phone?  Is it five inches?  How about 5.5-inches? What if the device was 7-inches and still had the ability to make and receive calls?  I would like to go ahead and take the initiative to coin a new term, “phablet”.

At seven inches, the Huawei S7 is the biggest display we’ve seen on a phablet yet.  It’s bigger than tablets and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) from the likes of Archos yet it still doubles as a traditional cell phone.  Check out the video below, courtesy of Engadget, for a quick look at what’s in store from the Chinese device maker.

The full list of specs aren’t yet known but we’ve learned there’s a 1GHz Snapdragon chip on board and it’s running Android 2.1.  The video shows HD playback, a kickstand, a volume rocker, and amicroUSB port.  Other than that, I’m chomping at the bit for more.

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  1. David K.

    From end November 2010 to around January 10, 2011 the S7 was able to use T-mobile data access using your T-mobile SIM card. Now however T-mobile have taken the decision to block the S7 from access to the T-mobile data services.
    One can still use a T-mobile SIM card to make and receive voice calls on the S7.
    It seems the S7 is too much competition for the T-mobile Galaxy tab.

  2. Solidsteel82

    You can still access att and tmobile data networks if ou have the correct settings. But tmobile will only allow it to access the edge network. att will allow you to access 3g.

  3. Eeli Aslak

    Moi! Ostin Keskisen putiikista s7:kan 07.05 hintaan 296 €. Oikein hyvä ostos toimii ku ajatus, kiitti Vesalle.


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