Android Phones Keep Getting Bigger, 5.5-Inch Sony Ericsson on the Way

For some people, the 3.7-inch Nexus One is plenty big enough screen size.  For others, they like 4.0-inch Sony Ericsson or massive 4.3-inch HTC EVO 4G.  Then there are those who are looking forward to the 5.0-inch Dell Streak next month.  At that size it pushes the boundary between smart phone and tablet, bordering on both.

You can understand the dilemma we’re facing now when we learn that Sony Ericsson is working on a 5.5-inch unit with a sliding QWERTY.  What in the world does one call that?

The first picture of this ‘thing’ is online and it appears to be a legitimate device.  Rumored for the fall, it’s said this has Android 2.1 under the hood there’s plenty of time to squeeze Froyo on to it.

Personally, I love the size of the EVO 4G as it still fits nicely in my front pants pocket.  I get the feeling however that the Dell Streak and this Sony Ericsson phone are going to be too cumbersome for daily use, especially as a second device.  Would I use this as my primary phone?  Maybe.  I’d definitely love to try one out for a while and have to make the tough decision.

Source: IT168 (translated) via Engadget

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