Exclusive: First Look at Metro PCS’s Motorola Phone

We just told you guys about a rumored Android 2.1 phone headed for Metro PCS yesterday and we’re back with pics to prove it.  A source of ours came through with four images of the new Motorola handset which bears a passing resemblance to the T-Mobile Cliq. 

The specs we broke yesterday stay the same – Android 2.1/MOTOBLUR powered by a 600MHz processor and a 3-megapixel camera.  On top of that we can now see it’s a 4-row sliding QWERTY with a somewhat odd looking button setup.  The circle surrounding the homescreen could possibly double as a directional pad for all I know.  Given Motorola’s penchant for unique form factor I wouldn’t put it past them.  The keyboard itself isn’t too remarkable aside from the addition of a “.com” button on the bottom row.  I’m guessing the screen size to be around 3.1-inches or 3.2-inches based on the Cliq-ish design.

Personally I’m glad to see Motorola continue to push out a new form factor each and every time.  Although this phone is highly unlikely to win any awards it could still be a bargain given MetroPCS’s $50 all-you-can-eat plans.

Of course we’ll be more than happy to share anything else we can get our hands on as it pertains to this, and any other phone.

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  1. @WadeIvy
    June 05, 05:52 Reply

    Nice exclusive…. compared to Droid life this is a joke of a post….
    Whose that carrier?
    : was this even worth a watermark?…

    • Rob
      November 23, 20:11 Reply

      metro pcs. it says that in the first sentence.

  2. ToddEDM
    June 05, 01:56 Reply

    Thanks for the pics, phone doesnt turn my crank, but well done

  3. blokesinthecorner
    June 05, 06:34 Reply

    I like a proper qwerty keyboard, I will be sorry to see my G1 go but it won't be replaced by this, even if it comes to tmo UK

    Thanks for the show.

  4. JaylanPHNX
    June 05, 09:40 Reply

    It looks like a Cliq and the new MyTouch Slide had a baby. While obviously none of us visiting a tech site will care much about this, it's nice to see the budget-conscious MetroPCS customers getting some android love.

  5. niniii0
    June 07, 03:31 Reply

    I like a proper qwerty keyboard, I will be sorry to see my G1 go but it won't be replaced by this, even if it comes to tmo UK

  6. KT
    June 20, 13:37 Reply

    When will this phone be available for MetroPCS?

    • guest
      June 27, 19:49 Reply

      i heard it was coming out in July, which is next month. I dont know the price, but i bet it will be fairly good price.

    • SwezOfTheDead
      September 14, 00:39 Reply

      I heard that the phone will come out in early December

      • Briana
        September 15, 13:52 Reply

        I just spoke to 2 different reps at 2 different store who stated that there is a required meeting tomorrow 9/16/10 about the release of the two new phones. One is a droid, this one i believe, not sure about the other one. I was gonna buy the caliber but they advised me to hold off because its to come out at the end of the month. So in about two weeks check the metro site!!! I hope its under $300 but i highly doubt it since the blackberry goes for about 279.00.

  7. doodo
    June 22, 16:42 Reply

    Finally some android love to us M-PCS customers, I have hesitate to buy a thet smartphone my carriers has since is all lock up, hopefully this is more customizable and internet navigation get slicker, hey this is based on android 2.1, even at 600 mhz is fine. I just hope that they do not skyrock the price like with the other base smartphones. bring more meat.

  8. bad1
    June 28, 16:47 Reply

    wen is the going to be available at metro pcs

  9. dab1
    June 28, 16:51 Reply

    give the cost for the phone

  10. heyyoo
    July 02, 06:43 Reply

    Probably about $300 but I'd really like to know when it comes out.

  11. ChazzMatt
    July 02, 19:36 Reply

    why will it be running Android 2.1 and not 2.2?

  12. LOLMetroPieceofS
    July 08, 19:16 Reply

    I just wonder if this thing will have wi-fi since Metro does not have 3G coverage (at least where I live) in the SF Bay area.

    • Victor
      August 11, 11:38 Reply

      Of course it will have WiFi. and there will be 3G coverage soon.

  13. eka
    July 13, 01:08 Reply

    great post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

  14. Jaimie
    July 13, 19:40 Reply

    As a Metro Pcs rep. I feel the need to advise you that metro does not carry any 3g phones at the moment. Nor do they carry Tethering or broadband so don't be fooled this phone is just flashed but like evry other flashed phone some defects may occur.

    • Victor
      August 11, 11:37 Reply

      What a great Rep you are. Im an employee and I can tell you right now there are at least 5 phones that are 3g capable including the LG Imprint, LG Helix, Samsung Code, Samsung Caliber, and Blackberry 8530. There are just no 3G networks to support 3G right now. The Android phone shown above is not flashed, and there are ways to tether an Android phone to a computer.

    • Jones
      September 18, 21:37 Reply

      For a MetroPCS rep you’re obviously not up on the times, the Samsung Caliber is a 3G phone as well as a few others that MetroPCS carries…Also, MetroPCS will be the FIRST, yes, I said first company to come out with an LTE 4G network (that is the latest technology) which is slated to come out soon…Sprint’s 4G network is built on old technology, I foresse all the sprint people running over to MetroPCS soon…LOL…Also. Metro will be coming out with several new phones but they won’t be coming out until December because like any other company they want to take advantage of that jolly old white haired man will all know as Santa…Samsung is coming out with a 4G phone and Kyocera will also be coming out with an android phone as well called the Zio M6000. Samsung will becoming out with the Samsung Craft which will launch in tandum with MetroPCS’s 4G network…Save your pennies boys and girls, Christmas is coming! Now excuse me, I have to buy some MetroPCS Stock before it goes up…LOL

      Oh, I know all of this because I have an in at MetroPCS…

  15. iznurf
    July 14, 15:16 Reply

    talking to an informed metro reps (store mangier and others) said they will be converting the network over from the 1X to a 3/4g network. also not a %100 but herd the phone will be the same as all the other metro "smart" phones ($250.00) without a contract credit checks or down payments this phone will be amazing for price concerned customers.

  16. Dennis
    July 28, 13:51 Reply

    Can it get into the droid market place?

    • Victor
      August 11, 11:41 Reply

      Of course man, as long as there is internet you can get into the Droid Marketplace.

  17. Derek Bingham
    August 07, 15:21 Reply

    I really feel that this is a step in the right direction for MetroPcs. I just hope that they continue the progress with new phones that are current in today’s market.

  18. Juan Lopez
    August 09, 08:57 Reply

    I agree with Derek – I recently became part of the MetroPCS family – and given their outstanding low price, the only thing they are missing is a droid phone in their catalogs – great exclusive and I’ll be the first one there getting this phone when it comes out!

  19. russ
    August 14, 19:34 Reply

    that is so sweet!!! I’ve had metro for years and now we get a smartphone! For a fraction of the price other plans charge.

  20. Issachar
    August 16, 17:09 Reply

    Ok when the hell is this suppose to come out now? I haven’t seen anything else about this.

  21. Broke_College_Student
    August 23, 14:58 Reply

    I’m just happy to see that Metro PCS is getting with the times. My boyfriend just got a new Android OS phone and he is a Sprint customer. I am so jealous of all the cool FREE apps that he has and I’m also learning to develop android apps myself and an android phone would help a bit in the development. But YAAAYYY! Thank you, Metro!

    And for everyone that is complaining: What do you expect from a flat rate and low priced phone service? There’s no way you can expect top of the line hardware from Metro PCs. They’re giving you reasonable prices that you can’t get anywhere else. Be grateful. If you don’t like it, then switch to Verizon and enjoy ridiculous fees.

  22. anthony
    August 31, 01:47 Reply

    i like wont this phone and for all those people that talking Sh$t about metro don’t because your the ass for pay a $100 AND odd dollar bill with Verizon, at&t,and T-mobile i wont say anything bad about sprint because they are making a change in the price department with there $60.99 plan with any mobile to mobile. An i just wont to say that the way of the future is prepaid and if metro PCS and cricket Wireless merge together the big four gonna have some competition on there hands because they would have nationwide coverage!!!!!!!! AN TRUST ME IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!!!

    • Metro pcs fan since 1998
      December 01, 03:12 Reply

      To Anthony metro pcs nd cricket have merged in the last 5months they just kept it under wraps so the compition would be caught off guard. Like they caught them off gaurs by being the first phone company to lock in the 4G LTE network,now t-mobile nd thoose other companies charge to much nd stick wit u a contract were if u can’t pay or hav to break there contract they say we will send u to collections or court.

      Way 2 go metro pcs y’all rock cause wen the other 4 compaines don’t c it coming will become number #2 in the game with us metro pcs users now 90% of the united states how sweet is that plus wit the new metro USA were even that much stronger,plus android phones we will be number 2 just need to c metro pcs go international.

  23. Vid
    September 03, 14:25 Reply

    I went to the Metro Store today and talked to the clerk and she told me this phone was due in the 2nd week of September…. she was not sure but thought the price was going to be $299

  24. Mr.Storm
    September 05, 19:07 Reply

    well I just became a member of metro family the only thing that ever held me back is the phones (outdated and fugly) the blackberry curve did it for me and as long as they keep getting new and up to date phones I will bet more ppl will join the metro family kiu metro

  25. Admin
    September 09, 04:54 Reply

    im happy to see pre-paid finally moving up i think if pre-paid keeps moving toward better phones like this they will get more people to be apart of them now i understand contract phones will always be much better and faster granted but its still a start alot of people are trashing metro getting android (I like a proper qwerty keyboard, I will be sorry to see my G1 go but it won’t be replaced by this, even if it comes to to UK) and (its outdated and that metropcs always sells outdated phone) one thing that has to be understood it pre-paid phone service they dont have billions like the big 4 they get what they can and to people who dont want to pay $100 for a phone that surfs the web and calls and texts basically what most phones are used for in place to be apart of you $100 payers show off your flashy phones like oh mines better then your flip phone cause mine can do this and that well now were in the race and i hope metropcs and virgin and boost and cricket all keep moving forward with this and keep getting new androids and iphones and so forth for there loyal customers and as for you lock into contract people are just pissed cause pre-paid finally starting to move up and we are paying an arm and a leg to have a damn good phone like you contract guys are. but its ok we are not mad we will just see you guys later joining us saying its better later,now i understand its outdated now but were its going to be 5-10 years down the road working its way up to updated phones and software gets fully up to date?? honestly why are you customers with the big 4 even worried about android being on pre-paid if your happy with your phone then shut up and stick to you provider,cause you dont think android and big companies dont already know what there trying to lead to and were metro and cricket and boost are going to end up? you watch we will be right were you contract guys are in phones sprint already lowered there price for a plan so the better we do the better you contract people get so benefits all of us in the long run, cause the big 4 dont want to lose money and so forth remember thy ont care about you or your bills they only care about your money thats why if your laid up in the hospital and cant pay they give you late fee’s and so forth your a dollar sign to them and its all about there business and money thats all at least if anything goes wrong pre-paid dont late fee and charge you for leaving them,so sorry we all cant be made of money and own $500 and $600 phones, oh and what does it matter 2.1 or 2.2 OS not much of a big difference if you ask me.

  26. jack
    September 16, 17:43 Reply

    android will be released by december of 2010 with no LTE 4G but will have wifi.
    non-android samsung craft will be out in the next two weeks with LTE 4G and wifi.
    Craft will be around $300 possibly with a mail-in rebate at launch. No word on android pricing as of yet.

    • Jones
      September 18, 22:41 Reply

      Jack, Metropcs’s LTE 4G network will be released in Las Vegas and Dallas first and then other areas in early 2011. along with the Samsung Craft…The 4G plan will be $60.00 a month for the premium plan which comes with Metrostudio and $55.00 which of course will be unlimited everything for the same plan excluding the video on demand feature…When you buy the Craft it will come with the Star Trek movie preloaded on a miroSD card…BTW, the Craft will be able to take up to a 32GB microSD card. It will also have a 3.1 mega pixel camera (a bit disappointing, I was hoping for at least a 5.0 mega pixel camera).

    • anthony
      September 19, 11:46 Reply

      Are you sure about your info!!!!

  27. greg
    September 27, 17:37 Reply

    Nice. Second class citizens again. When I get out of my unemployment, I think I will drop the metro plan.

    They teach you in schools that we are in a classless society. You learn in real life that this is untrue.

    Metro will give the android, but no 4g

    Why am I with this bunch

    If they put it with 4g, they would take the market.

  28. cheap-bastrd
    October 12, 15:09 Reply

    When exactly is this phone going to the market… it is mid October…

  29. Kurt
    October 31, 15:54 Reply

    I just spoke to a MetroPCS corp store in Daytona Beach, Fl. The ONLY Android handset that has been talked about within MetroPCS was the Kyocera Zio, which has been canned because it was to be shipped with Android 1.6 with no plans on any upgrade. I asked about phones from Moto or even the rumored LG Optimus or Huawei Ascend, they said the only “new” phone planned for release will be the 4G-kinda Samsung Craft, which doesn’t have Android but instead the very non-4G-friendly TouchWiz interface. And that is only available in 4G markets, right now only Dallas and Las Vegas.

    As far as the phone in these pics? Fake. I would imagine if this phone does exist, it was only a prototype. I find it odd that the only screenshots only show the Moto symbol and the Metro screen… where’s the Android home screen? Why bother to boot it up to take pics and not get a pic of Android actually running?

    • Jones
      November 07, 10:02 Reply

      You’re correct. There is no plans for a Motorola android phone at MetroPCS. I don’t know where the pics at the top of this article came from, but as you point out, they are obviously fake. The LG Optimus is in fact coming out in Nov/Dec for MetroPCS as they did indeed scrap the Zio which I’m happy to hear. I held a dummy LG Optimus the other day and it seems pretty cool, of course I didn’t get to use the touch screen being it was a dummy phone but at least I got a good feel for the phone and how it looks, it will be running the latest version of Android and it will also be wifi enabled.

  30. nessblaze
    November 03, 12:09 Reply

    i dont know about this man, android should be for tmobile sprint verizon and any contract signing credit billing carrier thats out there, now theyll be lsoing alot of cusotmers because as long as metro has android and is making different phone im leaving tmobile when i see the cuteset android for metro has came out. oh well now having android doesnt seem so special anymore

  31. ChazzMatt
    November 12, 10:17 Reply

    Yeah, this was a fake rumor in hindsight. It’s almost mid-November and there’s no Android phones yet.

    A couple are supposedly coming in December — but no MOTOROLA.

  32. stacie
    November 12, 15:01 Reply

    yea metro pcs is such B.S liars lol

  33. DJ Kotebe
    November 18, 01:18 Reply

    well considering i just got back from a metro pcs store near me a few days ago… and theres a few notions of them prepping for full 3g maybe 4g wasnt paying that much attention. but the rep did clue me in to get a cheap phone for now save up some cus its gona be worth it. then again. coulda been playing in to get me to buy since i mentioned i was wanting to go to go back to TMobile just because they have the MT4g i wanted. so lets hope they have been holding out for massive xmas sales. and if its all an elaborate hoax to get ppl to get metro accounts. well… sux for them. more money for me to get a MT4g and extra accessories after saving this long XD

    • DJ Kotebe
      November 18, 01:26 Reply

      meant to mention in my initial conversation about being pleased to at least hear talk of Android coming to Metro PCS. even if it is a hoax or whatever. Android is the ONLY mobile OS out there that deserves credit. sure iphones are cool but i saw a vid where the iphone 4 broke after like 3-4 drops on the ground. ouch. my old MT3g survived drops, kicks and a bike running it over at decent speed. not to mention rumor of a new ipad coming with iphone features and mobile service?? imagine holding an ipad to your face cus ur bluetooth headset broke or is out of power. mmmm kaaaay.

  34. tevin
    November 18, 20:25 Reply

    this phone looks very cool ,i hope it comes out here in tampa ….

  35. MOdel
    November 27, 15:55 Reply

    chek my channel … Lg android for metro pcs nd the huawei ascend also android

  36. MOdel
    November 27, 15:55 Reply


  37. tracy
    December 24, 20:18 Reply

    its christmas eve & i stilll cant find this phone! when does it come out

  38. Fabio
    December 31, 00:45 Reply

    I’ve waiting for more information on this phone since August!! Even though this was rumored to be Metro PCS first Android Phone they came out with the LG Optimous M recently making me doubt the existence of the phone so please let us know.

  39. Kimbo
    December 31, 19:41 Reply

    I know I wanna know when its coming out too!!
    & if it will have flash?

      • Victor Marcelino
        May 01, 01:30 Reply

        flash is a plugin that lets you watch videos on the web browser and flash content like those annoying little adds on the web browser, flash is amazing ! but can have its limitatons when it comes to fast usage, cause it slows the heck out of the web page your on if it has alot of ‘FLASH’ content in it…

  40. iichiisx
    January 29, 10:13 Reply

    whenn is this phonee coming out to ft. lauderdale, FL ..?

  41. Brianna M.
    February 22, 11:49 Reply

    Does anyone know if the phone will have reverse phone lookup capabilities? I am looking for a cell phones that does, so this is a major issue for me. Thanks!

  42. sahwn
    February 28, 01:50 Reply

    Yup, he drew that when he was 7 years old tiffany jewellery and I’ve been using that since as my av on an MR2 forum. Funny thing is no one ever guessed where the pic came from on that site, you 2 are the first to nail that one on the first crack. LOL

  43. XENALEE91995
    March 22, 22:00 Reply

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT THIS FONE AND ITS ONLY $50 I LUV TOUCH SCREEN SLIDERS.

    • Martykus
      May 18, 15:33 Reply

       $50.- is the plan, phone’s probably more than that

      • Danny Araujo
        August 13, 01:21 Reply

        Metro will not get this phone. At least there hasn’t been any recent information on this phone. This phone is nice because of the keyboard though.What androids MetorPCS will get are:Lg Esteem (LG Revolution) $379Samsung Admire $125HTC Wildfire S $149-199

  44. Xavier
    April 15, 18:17 Reply

    well i have an metropcs android but broke can anyone tell me how to fix it

  45. Jlzfantasy
    May 04, 15:39 Reply

    Metro PCS should totally come out with the Blackberry Torch 9800 .. it is a super awesome phone! I might just get the android for now but i just cant wait to see what other phones metro pcs has to offer in the future… pls let it be Blackberry Torch 9800 !!!

    • Danny Araujo
      August 13, 01:20 Reply

      It’s possible but MetroPCS is really just pushing out android at this time.

    • MetrPCS
      September 16, 00:21 Reply

      I got a pretty good inside scoop that 2012 around summer time metropcs is suppose to be coming out with a much better blackberry. It won’t be the torch but it will be updated.

  46. Kbenson78
    May 09, 21:14 Reply

    I thinked when it comes to smart phones like HTC type of phones Metro pcs is dump and I don’t see why they don’t get it.
    their service is excellent.if they think I am wrong, they should comes out with 4.3inch screen,8MG pizzel,with sharp images,they will be overwhelm at the rate people will rush to their service

    • Danny
      May 22, 01:34 Reply

      Yes, it is my dream for Metro Pcs to finally get hold of such a phone so that the other carriers will have to keep an eye on them. But remember though, it will be hard for Metro to do so, but I am possitive  they are trying to.
      I think Metro would get more Samsung Galexy’s and maybe an HTC.

      • Henalvfa1
        May 27, 04:29 Reply

        Metro PCS WILL get at least 1 HTC handset by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2011. Hang on tight fellows :)

        • Danny
          May 27, 20:59 Reply

          Thanks for giving me hope Henalvfa1.

          I read somewhere on Cnet.com that Metro is suppost to get 6 new androids by the end of ’11, we already have 3, (2 if the Optimus doesn’t count) so just gotta wait for more…

  47. Denise
    August 12, 19:39 Reply

    How much does this phone cost???

      • Danny Araujo
        August 13, 01:19 Reply

        Metro will not get this phone. At least there hasn’t been any recent information on this phone.

        What androids MetorPCS will get are:
        Lg Esteem (LG Revolution) $379
        Samsung Admire $125
        HTC Wildfire S $149-199

  48. Kbenson78
    August 27, 18:28 Reply

    Metropcs please time wait for no company,so Harry up with better phones like Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones don’t rely only on your low rates,because AT&T and T-Mobile coming out with this kind of deals.

  49. Kbenson78
    August 27, 18:28 Reply

    Metropcs please time wait for no company,so Harry up with better phones like Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones don’t rely only on your low rates,because AT&T and T-Mobile coming out with this kind of deals.

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