Intel Using Android 2.1 to Demo New Moorestown Chips

It was only a matter of time before we saw Intel jump into the mobile processing arms race, and it seems that they are showing off what they intend to do with their new Moorestown chips at Computex in Taiwan this week.  Engadget is only too kind to share their hands-on experience with the prototype unit.

Intel had several devices built just for the show for demo purposes, most of them running other operating systems, but they had a handful that were running Android 2.1.  Reports were that the units had no internet connection, nor any cellular data streaming into them, so it was hard to put them through their paces.  The reporter did say that the unit ran pretty well, nothing spectacular and certainly not speedier than any of the snapdragons we have seen so far on the market.

Check out the videos below to see these in action on an Aava Mobile-built reference design, courtesy of Engadget.  For more on Aava Mobile, check out our previous post.

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  1. ipad stand
    June 07, 07:50 Reply

    Intel had their new Atom processor on display at this year’s Computex, Engadget had a few representatives at the expo where they got some hands on time with multiple different Android devices.

  2. khay
    July 13, 05:03 Reply

    nice video. nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it :p

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