Big in Japan (ShopSavvy) Feeling the EVO 4G Effect

Qik is not the only company feeling the effects of the EVO 4G and its massive sales figures.  ShopSavvy developers Big in Japan are reporting similar workloads and finding that some of their retailers are “not fairing as well under the load.”  That’s a great thing for them as it means the app has been downloaded in droves.  Overall scans traffic is up 50% since the launch of the EVO 4G.  In fact, Big in Japan is seeing a record number of downloads thanks to Sprint‘s latest handset.

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  • Se7en2

    Do these companies not employ any network planners? Anyone with half a brain should have anticipated an increase in traffic once the EVO hit the market, especially Qik, considering they're only one of 2 companies that offer video chat. Not a good first impression for new Android users.

  • Wow. Nice job Sprint. It's great to see the app companies unable to handle the load, yet still see Sprint manage the traffic just fine. Can't wait to get my EVO in the mail tomorrow!

  • wow, nice 🙂

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