Motorola Dropping 20 Android Phones This Year

Motorola’s director of marketing, Tom Satchwell, has indicated to SlashGear that 2010 could see 20 Android-based phones from the handset maker.  To be clear, this means worldwide and in the United States alone.  This also doesn’t take into consideration that some phones could get released with slight variations such as the Motoroia XT720 and Milestone XT720

Assuming Satchwell means 20 phones over the course of the entire year, I only count 10 devices on Motorola’s product page from 2010.  So, even on the low end we could see 10 more.  On the high end, we could see 20 over the next 6 months.  Either figure sits well with me.  What about you guys?

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  1. Kathie
    June 07, 15:49 Reply

    Um, dude, the word "dropping" does not mean "adding."

    • Zack
      June 07, 16:59 Reply

      Hahaha, yeah, you're never supposed to drop phones. 😉

    • Alan
      June 07, 17:11 Reply

      The slang term "drop" means "to release." You typically hear that term used in regards to record sales. Therefore, Motorola is dropping 20 new phones in 2010.

  2. mpiroc
    June 07, 17:14 Reply

    "To be clear, this means worldwide and in the United States alone."

    Is this a typo? Is it worldwide, or in the US alone?

  3. anakin78z
    June 07, 17:49 Reply

    Hmn… seems like a bit much. Not sure that we need that many options. I think fewer but very well thought out handsets would do well, but I guess we'll see how it works out for them.

  4. txchlinstructor
    June 07, 19:55 Reply

    If they only make 10 now, how can they "drop" 20? Then they would be making -10.

    Oh, I see… you've decided to randomly redefine English words. Sorry, that's just illiterate/stupid. Your blog just lost several relevance points, and I'm in the process of eliminating illiterate blogs from my reading list anyway.

  5. Android Gangsta
    June 07, 20:15 Reply

    If you want to be a legitimate news source, should stop using slang terms like "drop" in headlines that could obviously confuse the reader to the real meaning. It doesn't bump your street cred homies.

  6. Android101
    June 07, 21:32 Reply

    wow u guys need to RELAX..and im sure them saying they will "drop" 20 phones in the us and worldwide..maybe all together we might see 5 in the US….chill out people

  7. long island seo
    June 07, 17:47 Reply

    worldwide and in the United States alone are the maker. This also doesn't take into consideration that some phones
    could get released with slight variations such as the Motoroia XT720 and

  8. Richard Wadd
    June 07, 23:58 Reply

    This is one of the most confusing articles posted on androidguys. What, is the editor on vaCation?

    • douglas
      June 08, 13:14 Reply

      you think websites like these employ editors? The author proof reads his/her work, and then publishes it. Hopefully it gets proofread somewhere along the way by the author.

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