Nexus One USB Host Driver Developed by Android Geek


This is the kind of story that I love to report on, because it shows the true heart of the Android Community, and the real power we have as Android users.  In the video above, there is a user named Sven Killig who decided that he wanted to be able to use USB devices with his Nexus One, and since that functionality does not come built in, he wrote some code to allow himself to do so.

With his modifications, it is now possible to hook up a USB keyboard or webcam, which are old hat type of things, but the really useful things are the ability to watch movies off a USB stick, or to connect the Nexus One to a display via a DisplayLink USB to DVI Adapter.

You can find more info plus the source code for the USB Host driver at Sven’s site.

SOURCE: Engadget

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  1. keumseog
    December 02, 03:45 Reply

    I know that the usb host communicate with adroid phone by usb cable
    If you have application in adroid phone, tell me as soon as possible…

    I have thought that in smartphone, must have USB HOST to use the usb device.
    What about do you have configured system connection?
    and smartphone application or device.

    I’ll use the usb webcam.

    Could you tell me how to use USB-WebCAM…..?

    thank you…..

  2. Andrewdurrant
    April 01, 18:08 Reply

    I am really interested in this work but cant find Sven’s website, anybody got an idea where it went?

    Thanks in advance


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