Samsung Sending Out Teasers for Galaxy S!

If you have been following any of my posts, or listening to any of the Android Guys Thursday Night Podcasts, you know that I am holding my breath for when the Samsung Galaxy S drops for purchase with T-Mo, my carrier of choice.

There have been many rumors as to the exact release date in the US for the Galaxy S, but no hard date.  It has been incredibly frustrating to watch boy bands in China get their grimy little hands on the Galaxy while I am sitting here starving with my G1 which is getting older and older by the day.

Everyday I have been scouring Google News Timeline searching to see if anyone has a date for the drop, when I came across this post from CNET.

CNET is reporting that they received this black box in the mail, and upon opening it, found a UFO saucer shaped USB speaker inside, underneath the word, “Samsung Galaxy S, Landing Soon”.  Alas there is no date as of yet, but this is a good sign that we are getting closer to a release date here in the US.

Check out the full article over at CNET, and keep your fingers crossed with me that my new toy will drop soon!

  • Marty

    Will it still be available to other carriers such as Sprint anytime soon?

  • ObsceneJesster

    Ray, I can't wait either and like you, have been scouring the internet everyday for any information I can find about this phone.

  • Se7en2

    Just wish it wasn't made by Samsung. Yes, I'm a bitter former Behold II owner. Samsung combined with T-Mobile not letting upgrade to the N1 forced me over to Sprint and the EVO. Don't regret it one bit.

  • mark

    did you mean the boy band, Super Junior, at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S in Singapore? BTW Singapore is not part of China!

  • Kevin

    Sweet, I've been holding off on getting a new phone. If it drops on T-Mo I'll totally upgrade from my G1.