Google Acknowledges Market Issues, Says They’re Fixed

We were just talking this morning about Android Market issues, missing apps, and missing comments.  It turns out Google was all over this one but simply didn’t do a good enough job communicating it with developers. 

Recently we became aware that some Android applications were not visible on the Android Marketplace. While we were internally troubleshooting and qualifying the fix and communicating with our hardware partners, developers were trying hard to get our help through various technical support sites. Regrettably, we fell short of our own standard for customer support by not communicating the issue to our developers and how we were working to resolve it.

We’re pleased to say that the issue looks to be resolved with a patch, and to our best knowledge, all apps that were previously impacted are up and visible again. Again, apologies for the delay and inconvenience this created.

Getting this fixed is one thing.  Understanding they need to be more transparent and forthcoming with communication is another.  Hopefully they see the value in being upfront.  People generally respond to bad news somewhat more favorable if it’s acknowledged.  Not saying anything at all is typically received as not caring enough.

  • How do I update patch Android Market?

  • I think the update was on their end. It should just work for you.

    • I don't think so. I have installed version 1.713 and according to aTrackDog there is a newer 1.82 version. I am on HTC Legend. What should I do?

  • All of the market issues are NOT fixed. There are still PLENTY of us out there that cannot purchase apps and receive the error "Attention – A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen."

    Google knows about it (as there are numerous threads in their forums about it) YET they do not have a fix and won't communicate with us about HOW to fix it. I WANT to purchase apps from developers, yet I CAN'T because of this. Until then, we're all waiting…

    • ChristnaMills

      "Regrettably, we fell short of our own standard for customer support by not communicating the issue to our developers and how we were working to resolve it."

      This is really funny, Google has the lowest standards of customer support I have ever seen since their inception. I cannot imagine their developer support is any better, and from the comments it would appear they are not.

    • Yep. On a myTouch, having problems like that with the Market and a bunch of other apps. All this started like the day before I went on vacation, which is awesome. It's not like that that's *exactly* why I bought a phone like this, after all.

  • mac

    We (still) have had "No Comments" or one random comment at any one time showing up on our second app for a few weeks, and I know there should be several more than that (because there used to be about 7 and I have heard from users who have posted comments that I've yet to see). I believe it is hurting download numbers, as people rely heavily on the overall vibe of comments (eg: if a positive or a negative is repeated enough it lends it credence) to make app purchasing decisions. I feel for the people whose apps have sometimes not even shown up at all on the Market (as far as I know this hasn't occurred with ours).

    In fairness, I did get an answer to my inquiry about the issue from people at Google I contacted, but my impression from them was that the "no comments" or 1 rotating random comment problem was anomalous to me and probably wasn't a problem so much as my app just wasn't garnering any comments.

    These glitches happen, but it would be helpful to have a strong channel of communication about known issues. There are many open source geniuses out there probably willing to help solve them quickly, and it would put my mind at rest to know that someone acknowledged that it was, in fact, a problem with the Market and that the bug was getting the attention necessary to solve it.

  • It's nice if they have a more open customer service

  • The problem still appears for many developers.
    Luckily my app is ok. Better Contacts ( Though it was MIA for a couple of days.
    Hope Google gets there act together.
    Scott STEPHEN

  • So not fixed. I can’t purchase any apps.

  • Marcus

    How do you update the market? I factory reset my phone and reinstalled Market 1.688 from an Appmonster backup.
    Is there any method to update it manually, or spur it into checking for updates?

    aTrackdog tells me there is a 1.82 version out, but its obviously not in the market.

  • nellis

    i cannot download any apps, it either says starting download (and never starts) or download unsuccessful on wifi, 3g or 2g, happens with every app 🙁

  • Users are still reporting issues with the Android Market. Click here to read more:

  • To create the best possible user experience and quickly grow your application’s popularity, I recommend that you create comprehensive help resources. Users are more likely to continue to use their app and to share it with their friends if they understand how it works and how to contact someone with questions or bugs. The Android Market team won’t provide user support for individual apps. By offering support for your application, you’ll not only help create a great user experience, but also be able to leverage user feedback to enhance and grow your application.

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