Is Something Happening to Your Android Market?

I’m thinking that something is brewing on Android market.  Yesterday afternoon I noticed that order of many apps in the “Productivity” category had changed drastically.  The last I checked, at least one of my apps – Hire*A*Droid is missing comments entirely (it had about 350). A quick search on Twitter yielded some entries indicating that paid apps started to appear on international markets as well as some apps mysteriously disappearing from the Market altogether.

I’m wondering that with “Apple thing” finally over the time has come for the big Froyo and market push?  Is Google set to deliver on all these wonderful promises that got us all excited just two weeks ago. What do you think?

More importantly, have you noticed any changes on the market?

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  1. coop
    June 08, 14:17 Reply

    Unable to find Foursquare in the market anymore on my Incredible.

  2. Mark
    June 08, 14:27 Reply

    i am from singapore and have used market enabler to buy apps namely setting profiles and xscope. even without activating market enabler now, i see the 'purchased' status besides my apps, something that didnt happen previously.

  3. burger
    June 08, 14:30 Reply

    coop – Search appbrain; something is up with the market right now. Bugs? Something new coming? Not sure.

    • coop
      June 08, 14:34 Reply

      Foursquare is on AppBrain – in fact, it has been pending installation for 18 hours now for me.

  4. codiac1881
    June 08, 14:31 Reply

    Yes. I can't find apps that are listed on appbrain. Primarily square (the credit card processing app) and and update for a paid game I own, home run Derby 3d. I called globule and they said I needed to contact the developers. I'm running froyo on my n1. Something about different versions on android show different things. I'm lost.

  5. droidin
    June 08, 15:16 Reply

    UPDATE: All my comments are back. Including these that I wish wouldn't be :)

  6. Packetknife
    June 08, 11:26 Reply

    HTC Droid Incredible — Market presented updates for Chomp, Hoccer, and Qik. Installed the first two but now they’re not showing on the Market, my Downloads within Market, or on a search. I didn’t update Qik immediately and the update disappeared and it’s not showing in market again.

  7. Dan
    June 08, 17:25 Reply

    Alot of apps have been gone from the market: quicksettings & Handcent to name a couple. Not sure whats going on. I emailed Handcent and they said it was a market issue

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