March 27, 2015

What is the HTC Intruder?

Another HTC codename/product has popped up thanks to a RadioShack screen which comes courtesy of TjCrew.  The full retail price of the Intruder looks like it might be a placeholder at $699 while the contract cost of $129 is more in line with something I’d expect out of an Android phone.  Do we know this is run by green robots?  Not definitively but AndroidCentral is hearing it is Android 2.1 and has the height and width of a Coke can.  Being that it shows AT&T in the top right corner, we could surmise this phone may be the Aria/Liberty.

Or, it could be another phone altogether.

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  1. thekid23

    just an fyi, the intruder isnt up in the system anymore.
    product 37, it says.
    its also no longer 699 retail.
    but 499.

  2. Tom Slominski

     While researching some parts in my HTC Hero, I found a Chinese website that mentioned it. There’s a pic of the Aria on it:


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