All myTouch 3G Series Phones to See Android 2.2

The entire T-Mobile myTouch 3G series is going to be seeing Android 2.2 “Froyo”, not just the newly released myTouch 3G Slide.  An internal screen shot is being passed around showing T-Mobile’s Cole Brodman pledge of “no phones left behind” when it comes to the latest Android release and their flagship phones.  It appears the carrier isn’t going to be pushing out vanilla Android updates but rather something along the lines of their Espresso build for the myTouch 3G Slide.  Features include the Genius Button and MyFaves Gallery, both of which are new and custom for their phones.  So all of you guys and gals with Fender edition phones, get ready.  It’s “coming soon”.

Sorry G1 and Behold II owners.  The future gets darker each day.

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  1. Tenkely
    June 08, 21:33 Reply

    I have my fingers crossed that those new features come as apps, not as part of the espresso UI… really want my MyTouch to remain on the stock vanilla UI. Kind of why I bought it.

  2. Jeff
    June 08, 21:47 Reply

    Tenk you can always use a home replacement like panda home. I like the stock UI as well, but some of those replacements are really pretty good. This is awsome news, any word on a date?

  3. Jim
    June 08, 21:51 Reply

    If I had known this was going to happen, I would not have rooted my phone.

    • Miles
      June 09, 23:15 Reply

      You can unroot your phone (see for process), but then you'll need to manually update to 1.6. OTA to 1.6 won't work (confict with build number), but you can search for a signed update for build DRC92 (the 1.6 update you'll need) rename it to, place on sdcard and update through the recovery menu (home+power, then at triangle with exclamation, home+power again).

  4. goldtracker
    June 09, 00:23 Reply

    This is good to know. I've been looking at ditching my phone and this news really helps with the decision.

  5. Mike
    June 18, 20:47 Reply

    At least this ad can finally be seen as official word from T-Mobile (as opposed to all of the rumors floating around prior to this). I just received a copy of the above ad/statement in the mail (in an apparently new T-Mobile MyTouch magazine/advertisement called "100% You"), so I know it's actually a real T-Mobile message and not just a fake mock-up.

  6. Matt
    October 01, 12:37 Reply

    Still don’t have the update

  7. Matt
    October 01, 12:38 Reply

    Still don’t have the update.

    Mytouch Slide

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