Phone Halo Uses GPS to Hunt Down Lost Keys, Other Valuables

You know you’ve done it.  Somewhere along the line you left your keys or wallet somewhere and had that panic moment where you didn’t think you would ever see them again.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pull out your phone and find exact coordinates on a Google Map?  What if your keys sent you a tweet if you left them behind?  Phone Halo makes these things possible.

Phone Halo, the application, is free for Android phones however it requires the one-time purchase of a Halo Device, about $50 each.  It’s not a terribly bad price for peace of mind.  How badly do you need to guard those work keys or those launch codes?  I’d like to think Marcellus Wallace would have loved having Phone Halo for that briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

The GPS device runs about seven days on a charge and comes with a USB charger, Quick Start Guide, and Product Manual. Configurations include having your phone lock up on you when you are about to leave your valuables behind or sending a silent notification.  Phone Halo also takes proactive steps to help you recover misplaced and lost items with texted and/or emailed GPS coordinates.  It’s also possible to share this information with your friends, family, and other contacts to help track your stuff down.

For more information, head to Phone Halo’s website.

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  • theweakend

    this + cop car = more accurate trapster lol

  • woem

    cna't you use this with every gps reciever, cause i still have one of my older wm device

    • The big part of this product is the complete software integration. There must be a smartphone running our software

  • Awesome. Great idea.

  • aleis

    im putting this in my sons bookbag 🙂

  • Alias42

    Smartphone based "lojack", per chance?

  • thank you, really good 🙂