Update Released for Swype Beta

There’s no denying that the hot Android keyboard of the moment is Swype.  Pre-loaded on a handful of devices (Cliq XT, myTouch 3G Slide), it is one of those apps that stays with you.  Once you’ve had a chance to use Swype, all other keyboards feel slow and rather vanilla.  Fortunately for some, Swype has released a beta of their app to a lucky group of testers.  Today sees them announcing a new version of the beta and adding a load of improvements and tweaks.

Below is a list of changes found in this version of Swype beta.  Some are going to be more noticeable than others.  Take for instance the automatic apostrophe insertion for words like won’t, don’t, and wasn’t.  Personally, I am very glad to see that make the list.  Others, like bug fixes are generally hidden from plain sight.

  • Added better context sensitivity for the “magic button” (go/search/enter/smiley)
  • Added automatic apostrophe insertion for contractions (e.g. won’t, don’t, wasn’t, etc)
  • Added the Italian language dictionary
  • Improved sensing of field type to prevent the display and addition of passwords to the UDB (user dictionary)
  • Improved suppression of auto-spacing in fields such as URLs and email addresses
  • Updated the built-in dictionary to include several common words that were previously missing
  • Rewrote some settings descriptions to be more clear on their functionality
  • Fixed licensing issue causing “Limited Functionality” errors when rebooting devices running Android 2.0 and later
  • Fixed licensing issue causing some users to receive an “Incorrect ID” error when installing Swype
  • Fixed a bug where manually typing some words with word-prediction enabled would cause Swype to crash
  • Fixed a bug which caused some words added to the UDB to erroneously override other words when word-prediction is enabled
  • Many other minor bug fixes!

Hopefully we’ll be seeing swype come out of beta and released as a standalone app/keyboard replacement.  How much would you be willing to pay for swype on your phone?

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  1. @AndyBonkoski
    June 08, 18:15 Reply

    No voice input button? That is really a necessity, I don't know why they wouldn't put that in.

    • Tony
      June 09, 03:04 Reply

      This is available on MyTouch 3g slide as Dragon Talk keyboard. You just tap to speak and voila.

  2. mike
    June 08, 18:31 Reply

    Um, Haven't you guys found ShapeWriter yet? Same general idea as Swype, but a cleaner (in my opinion) implementation. Better yet, it's available for free in the Android Market to anyone running suitable hardware, no BS about having to find a beta or buy a device with it already loaded.

    • theweakend
      June 08, 18:52 Reply

      they well also get sued later because i believe swype has a patent…

      • jayarmstrong
        June 08, 23:24 Reply

        I'm sure shapewriter has its own patents. It's been out for years and swype's been out for about six months.

    • Tom
      June 08, 21:27 Reply

      I've tried them both. Swype is better, in my opinion. Simple as that.

  3. boriqua2000
    June 08, 18:44 Reply

    i tried swype before but it won't reconize spanish words.most of my texts are in spanish.is there any way to change the language?

    • theweakend
      June 08, 19:05 Reply

      under the swype settings the top setting says "Language" there's a Spanish setting in there

    • @ryanbeesley
      June 08, 22:21 Reply

      You may also press and hold the Q key, and that will bring up a language list.

  4. theweakend
    June 08, 18:50 Reply

    I was just hoping to see the start up bug for nexus one removed… :(

    • theweakend
      June 08, 18:53 Reply

      "Fixed licensing issue causing “Limited Functionality” errors when rebooting devices running Android 2.0 and later"

      Nevermind 😉

    • @ryanbeesley
      June 08, 22:22 Reply

      As is Swype… you just need to be a part of the beta program so that we can find and fix bugs. Your feedback is tremendously helpful to us.

      • @iamhighrisk
        June 10, 10:57 Reply

        Perhaps you should approve some of us who have applied for the beta in the last few months then. :) Until then, the only way it's "free" for everyone is by piracy.

        No offense, I'm just really blown away at how you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot by trying to go the OEM route instead of selling this to consumers for what it's worth.

  5. Mark
    June 08, 19:18 Reply

    If you're running Froyo it doesn't recognize it as an Android phone. I'm on an N1 and now after deleting the original beta for this one I can't get ether of them to load now.

    Would have been nice to get a warning. Off to shapewriter now I guess.

    • Micah
      June 08, 19:30 Reply

      it works just fine on my moto droid running froyo. Had some issues reinstalling it, but thats because i was doing it at the exact time that they were updating their beta site. once they were finished, it was up and running.

  6. anakin78z
    June 08, 19:34 Reply

    damn, this totally screwed me. make a backup before you upgrade.

  7. Levi
    June 08, 19:41 Reply

    Doesn't work on my G1 running 2.1

  8. mandlar
    June 08, 19:42 Reply

    Be warned: I just tried to update it and I now get “The Swype package you installed is configured for another device and will operate with limited functionality.

    Please contact Swype about this issue.”

    I’m using a Motorola Droid

  9. @LipGloss712
    June 08, 21:50 Reply

    I am so happy for this update because it now works on my evo.

  10. Jim
    June 09, 04:37 Reply

    I use slideit and it is also free on the market. Not as "pretty" as swype, but works nonetheless and I don't have to hunt the app down and then decide if I like it or not. Just give a lite version and let the masses try it.

  11. Brian Resnik
    June 09, 05:49 Reply

    Hey guys, I'm the beta community relations rep for Swype. I just want to say how glad we are that you all are excited about Swype. We know more of you want in and we intend to address that as soon as possible.

    Also, for those of you having installation issues, we've updated our FAQ at http://beta.swype.com/android/faq/ to include a lot of the issues people are having with the update (including new updates about the "configured for another device" problem). Please check it out, and send an email to [email protected] if you still need help or post on our forums (http://swype.uservoice.com) We'll help you ASAP

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