June 19th at T-Mobile, All Phones Free. All of Them

So you were wondering, like we were, what exactly T-Mobile had in store for June 19th.  Was it going to be the arrival of the Nexus One?  Was Android 2.2 going to roll out to the myTouch 3G Slide?  Would it be Android-related at all?  You bet is.

TmoNews has obtained what looks to be shot-by-shot descriptions of two upcoming commercials for the carrier which shows all phones free for one day only.  That means the Garminfone, myTouch 3G Slide, and all other Android phones will be free on that day.  It’s not known if it pertains to certain rate plans, add-on, upgrades, etc.  We’ll, hopefully, find out before the 19th!

It’s just too bad we won’t have a Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S in time for the sale!

  • I would find this hard to believe. I am sure there are no rainchecks, and expect to get on the most expensive cell plan, or smart phone plan. Also, considering these are with a discount, expect a 2 year contract which will mean the more expensive plan. I just don't see it unless they are desperate to roll out their older models for something newer. How much do you want to be this is only for new customers.

    With the unlimited smart phone plan being about $15 difference, over the 24 month period, expect $360 extra. I just don't see how they would make out unless they do a Canada trick and make it a 36 month contract.

  • BKdroid

    Wow, this would be great if there were any really good phones.

  • MAW

    I will wait until they have some decent phones, but I am getting tired of waiting and watching the good phones go to the other networks

    • krazytrixxxsta

      tell me about it. even at&t is are getting some bad a$$ android phone. tmo need to step their game up.

  • Dave

    I was told with a wink and smile at a T-Mobile store to show up on the 19th for a good deal on a Nexus One! I'm sure hoping that one comes true.

  • Moses

    I hope this ad is for real…I think the evo is pretty decent phone to have

  • MacCrookPro

    ok, you guys do know how to read right? "It's not known if it pertains to certain rate plans, add-on, upgrades, etc." , really? it says clearly "switch to a family plan this weekend and get any phone free", "SWITCH TO FAMILY PLAN"

  • And you can bet your sweet fanny, it won't happen in the UK 🙁

  • There is nothing free, hope that sentence does'nt true

  • Nathan

    Sounds like they are dumping their inventory of G1's, MyTouch 1's and Beholds in anticipation of the Galaxy S / in light of MyTouch 2 releases.

    • ari-free

      aha that's a good response

  • James B

    Per the local Tmobile manager at the mall I just talked to, the Nexus will be available to independent Tmobile resellers this summer but not the corporate stores. He was irritated that the corporate store was not going to get them to sell. Also, the free phones are for new service only but apparently true…

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