Sprint Revises EVO 4G Sales Estimates

Sprint has come out and revised the estimates for their first weekend sales of the EVO 4G.  Without telling us specifically how many phones were sold they downgrade the figure.  Initially it was being reported that the total number of HTC EVO 4G devices sold on Friday was three times the number of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre phones sold over their first three days.  Combined. It looked like this…

(Samsung Instinct 3 Day Totals + Palm Pre 3 Day Totals) X 3 = EVO 4G Day One Sales

Now we’re learning it’s more like this…

(Samsung Instinct 3 Day Totals + Palm Pre 3 Day Totals) = EVO 4G Day One Sales

So, about one-third of the original press release.  It would be much easier if they just told everyone what they actually sold, wouldn’t it?  Estimates still peg the sales at around 150,000 units sold on the first weekend.

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