Tips to Extend the HTC Evo and Incredible’s Battery Life

If you are a proud owner of the latest and greatest EVO 4g, or the Droid Incredible, you may have noticed that the battery life issue in Android plagues you just like it still does the unlucky G1 owners who have to wait a little more to upgrade their phones.

It seems all the goodness that comes with the phones sucks your battery life considerably, with 12 hours of use time being the max between charges.

The guys over at have some tips for those of you who may be knew to the Android platform to conserve a bit of battery power.  Here are a few of them for you to try out, check out the whole article to get the full skinny on how to save some of your precious battery life.

  • Delete the large HTC widgets like bookmarks and FriendStream
  • Turn off widget animations, and screen animations
  • Turn off your live wallpaper, it is a nice piece of eyecandy, but it slows down your phone and drains battery
  • Turn off your auto brightness, set your screen backlight to 10%
  • Take your screen timeout down from 1 minute to 15 seconds
  • Keep your radios off when you aren’t using them, WiFi, GPS and 4g.

If you live in an area where you do not have 3 or 4g, you can go into your settings and tell your handset to use only 2g towers, which will also save your battery life.

With our beloved Android Handsets picking up more and more power, let’s hope that they come up with something to help with the power drain management in the future!

  • I have a few extra tips on my site too. In short, deactivate anything you don't need.

  • It's not necessary to turn off GPS since that's not on all the time like WiFi.
    When the GPS toggle is on it means that the Maps or Apps that use location services will use the GPS instead of network+wifi triangulation. So, it's really On-Demand.

  • ssssss

    you left out the most effective one! disabling the "enable always-on mobile data" setting.

    this prevents apps from continuously polling the internet for (and downloading) data whenever they want and over whichever networks they want. it's a huge benefit of android (having background processes/services) but a huge battery drain.

    it does not apply to push services like gmail or activesync, etc.

    • eddie

      how do u disable that

      • LilySanroman

        Go to SETTINGS >Wireless and Networks>Scroll down to Mobile Networks>Enable Always On Mobile Networks

    • annabee

      I’ve done this and IT WORKS!!!!

      This is an easy way to really save battery…….

    • Monita1_2000

      hhl where do you do that?

  • Use auto-brightness too for the screen. When all the various tweaks there, I use the Nexus One of his potential. Widgets, automatic synchronization, and all that more than 30 hours of battery life.

  • Wow, nice tips, i really need it

  • good beterai 🙂

  • steve_c

    I used all the battery life tips that I have found. SUCCESS! Yesterday was a low usage phone day. It has now run for 21 hours and still has 3/4 life left in the battery. By the way, I do not get a constant weather feed update on the weather widget anymore. It must have been shut off. This proves that there are so many gadgets on this phone, the battery does not have a chance. And if you don't need all the gadgets, the battery life will be on par with any other smart phone on the market.

  • hhl

    Are they coming up with a new battery with longer battery life? The battery is removable so it can be replaced with a new one if they come up with one right? Let me know?

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it.. :p

  • Tanner

    Another thing to try on anyone of the HTC Sense UI phones is to try to turn off your Mobile Network. Hit soft key Menu, settings, wireless and networks, and uncheck the mobile network. I found that was the most power-saving thing i found. On an average day like while I am at school or something like that where I’m expecting phone and text but not going to surf the internet.

    Even if you want to make a split second web search just check the box. Most area’s where service is at least one bar it comes up fairly quickly. Just a thought I know most of you already knew that.

    Thanks for all the other posters!

  • venomx

    I dunno about u guys, but I just got my evo yesterday and I’ve chrged it once, so far its been off chrge for 19 hrs over night and moderate use through the day and I’ve still got 20% chrge, in fact I’m using it to post this now….I love this phone

  • Nice tips! You can get a longer life from your battery with Black Google Mobile at!! It has a black background that uses less energy and it looks cooler too.

  • JV

    The only problem with disabling a lot of phone features is knowing whether you WANT them or not. Especially when you first buy the phone. You’re not sure what to disable.

    Let me add one other point: You don’t buy a Ferrari then replace the engine with a more fuel-efficient VW engine. You expect to be able to drive the damned Ferrari as is without being hassled with problems. Ok that brand might not be the best analogy…

  • jesse

    How do i delete friend stream? All it seems to let me do is force stop, not uninstall–but as soon as I leave the settings page, the phone turns it back on again!

  • Little EJ

    I hope everyone has contacted the manufacturer and the carrier for the device they own. If everyone complains and makes enough fuss, maybe they will do something about it?

    All these tips are great, but I bought my phone for all the gadgets and great things it can do, now I have to turn them all off just so I have a phone that will last more than 6 hours… doesn’t make much sense to me. I could have kept my flip phone from the 90’s and achieved the same result.

    EVO 4g

    • devljak

      Absolutely! What’s the point of all these really cool apps, widgets and gadgets if they suck the battery life so much they can’t be used.

  • Jim

    try using, its just a black verson of google. its only for mobile phones but the idea is it will use 4x less battery than normal google (which is good for people like me) and its supposed to use less bandwidth (so it uses less data and saves money on wireless plans).

    it helped ive been using it for a couple weeks and the difference is huge. thought id share it.

  • Katrina

    I love! yay thanks 🙂

  • Mary

    Another good thing is to download the “Advanced Task Killer” from the Market. It’s free and it kills any apps that you aren’t using automatically. Much easier than remembering to get out of anything you’ve been using should you need to put your phone down quick.

    • dino

      Unfortunately, task killer shows apps in memory, called active apps, but, they are not using cpu, they are simply on hold. If you kill them, you use more battery to start them up again. Ram uses the same amount of battery to hold a 1 or 0. Having task killer uses cpu and battery. Android 2.2, etc., knows to what apps to hold and it only runs apps you are currently using.

  • wheeez

    I tried some of these suggestions, along with a couple others I found on other websites, and without really losing any functions, I’m on my 2nd day (with moderate use) and still have some ‘green’ showing on my batt indicator. Thanks for the tips.

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  • Tim

    Also about once a month don’t forget to power cycle your battery. Charge it 100% then run it DEAD and i mean until it wont power on. then charge it with the phone off back to 100%. This will help Extend the overall life of the battery.

    • dino

      This will help Extend the overall life of the battery.

      • Lex

        From my understanding, it’s actually more so to give your phone a more accurate battery reading.

    • Jelly40746

      my phone has been run to “dead”  every day now UNLESS it’s on the charger.

    • Jelly40746

      my phone has been run to “dead”  every day now UNLESS it’s on the charger.

  • Jefrep

    Just got the Thunderbolt, get a whooping 5 hours of use…. love that phone but thats some BS

  • Jefrep

    and as far as the Ferrari analogy, its close enough. I didn’t pay a crap ton of money for my phone to die at really inconvenient times.

  • Jefrep

    OK i got it. The Ferrari analogy is good just a little tweaking needed. Its like buying a brand new Ferrari (though I would choose a Lambo) and it only has a two gallon gas tank.

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  • Awesome tips! Thanks! Peter, Founder

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  • Jelly40746

    2 weeks into the phone, and i’m not overly impressed-Especially when the battery dies. I’ll make the recommended adjustments and see if i can convince myself the pricey phone is all that they promised

  • Jelly40746

    2 weeks into the phone, and i’m not overly impressed-Especially when the battery dies. I’ll make the recommended adjustments and see if i can convince myself the pricey phone is all that they promised

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  • Thanks. It works for me. I also turn off the Mobile Network or data when I do not need like at work or something. Then, I turn on the Mobile Network when I’m about to use the data. From HTC Panache, Go to Home -> Menu -> Settings. Uncheck the Mobile Network. Now, I get battery life when I need it. Enjoy.

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