HTC EVO 4G Afflicted by Framerate Issue?

Reports are surfacing from XDA-Developers and the Google Code forums that the HTC EVO 4G has major framerate issues.  It seems that the device is some how locked at 30 frames per second both in 2D (Canvas) and 3D (openGL) modes. Interestingly, the HTC Hero hits 54fps on average and has smoother scrolling  in the menus compared to the HTC EVO 4G.

Why exactly is this happening? I doubt it is the hardware. Many at XDA and the Google Code forums are saying that it might be a major firmware fail.  Hopefully this is fixed as soon as possible.  It is kind of ridiculous to have the HTC Hero score better benchmarks than a device with a snapdragon processor!

First WiFi, now this? Is your EVO having any issues?

Source: Engadget

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  • Se7en2

    What exactly should we be looking for to see if we're affected by this issue? My menus seem to scroll just fine, and I've never had any problems with WiFi, so not sure what that issue was about. Maybe a link to an article that explains the WiFi issue would have been helpful.

  • it would be nice if they'd also change the video codec to something that works with DLNA devices.

    While I can play music and show images and such over DLNA to my DLNA devices, I can't watch the frickin' videos on anything but QuickTime. 🙁

  • So why this problem happening in the first place?

  • Isn't this also the case for the nexus one, and any phone running at 800 x 480 resolution?

  • I can duplicate the problem on my EVO by downloading and running the "Fps2d" benchmark from the market. It does a histogram of frame rates over time while drawing a bouncing ball. EVO 4G gets a solid 30fps. It seems to be underclocking deliberately to save battery power, much like the Droid Sholes does with Android 2.1, but at a consistent rate of 30fps as opposed to the Sholes which bounces back and forth between 30 and 60. Back when it was running version 2.0, the Sholes did a solid 60fps on the same test.

    Please vote for… .

    Note this is different from the 800×480 3D fill rate limiting hardware problem that is caused by an underpowered GPU.

  • Haffy

    I always say… never buy ANY phone when it first comes out… wait a month, two months and then most the rough patches will be fixed by then

  • Rene

    Does it even make sense to drain your battery to render more then 30 frames per second?

    • Danw

      if your gaming, maybe. Not for scrolling through menus. What I always say they should do is allow the phone to do 60fps, but have it disabled in the settings. That way we can turn it on when we want. Thats what they did with flash light and for 10.1 on froyo. Sure, we prob won't need it most of the time, but its nice to know its there

  • Yup, I have the frame rate issue, the Evo is my first Android device. I thought the scrolling was a bit choppy because of sense or just the OS not being ironed out completely compared to the iPod touch I was using. I'm reading this and I'm getting furious! first the abysmal battery life, and now this!

    I haven't had a chance to try wifi, but I've read another test that shows that while the wifi signal might appear to be weaker, it is in fact faster than the N1 and Droid.

    I hope HTC and google get their shit together, and fix those shortcomings with a Froyo or firmware update.

    • Danw

      at least the batteries arn't overheating and blowing up like your apple devices. Plus, you are getting about double the resolution as your ipod touch. Needless to say, I do hope they at least give us an item in the settings to enable 60fps. Don't care much for most use but it wouldn't hurt for some games

  • nice info… 😀

  • Uhm, your eyes can't see anything faster than 30 frames per second, indeed movie theaters are 24 frames per second, so what exactly is the issue here? Other than bragging rights?

  • zach

    Btw, this has nothing to do with EVO, it's an Android 2.1 issue…I've seen it on nexus as well.

  • thanks for sharing 🙂

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it.. :p

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