November 1, 2014

Interview with HTC CEO Peter Chou at D8

Last week, HTC CEO Peter Chou appeared at the D8 conference, timing his visit with the EVO launch.  Peter’s story is an interesting one as he is the major reason HTC itself is a major brand now rather than a manufacturer making phones for other brand names.  HTC is now 4th in the world as a smart phone creator and has come under a lot of fire, most notably from Apple who is suing HTC for copyright infringement.

During his interview as published on All Things Digital, Chou touched on a couple of different points, mostly about Android and the EVO.  In a nutshell, Chou was positioning the EVO as a competitive or superior device to the then upcoming iPhone 4, pointing out that the EVO’s screen is larger and groundbreaking, the 4G capability, and the fact that the EVO is the first device in the world that you can make a video call from.  (Sorry iPhone fanboys, he’s right.  Oh, and EVO users can do it over their data connection.  Have fun with your WiFi ball and chain!)

Some of the more interesting statements Chou made concerned Android “fragmentation” and the continued support that HTC is going to be giving to Windows Mobile handsets despite the plunge to last place that platform has taken recently.

According to the HTC CEO, Android fragmentation is not a big deal for HTC as a handset creator.  Rather it is a software issue that affects older handsets.  HTC’s focus is on creating new, exciting hardware that is capable of running the newest software in the best way possible.  When asked about Windows Mobile, Chou said that HTC is dedicated to creating handsets for both platforms and that there are still quite a few people out there who are loyal to Windows Mobile and want to stick with what they know.

Eloquently put, Mr. Chou. Don’t tick anyone off and keep the cash pouring in.