First Photos of Motorola Droid 2 Surface

We have heard about the rumored sequel to the Motorola Droid for quite sometime.  Now, thanks to the blog Droid-Life, we have pictures! As you can see from the image above(more images can be found here), externally, the handset looks almost identical to the original Droid.  The one thing that really stands out as being different is the keyboard.  The keyboard actually not only looks different, but it looks much better! The keys look more rounded and there is no useless D-Pad(thank you!)

Despite the external similarities, The Droid 2 will be much different as the internals have received a major upgrade (see specs below). Droid-Life also claims It will feature a new version Motoblur which doesn’t appear to be quite as intrusive as the versions we previously saw.  Ninja blur possibly?

Rumored Specs:

-Android 2.1
-3.7″ screen
-750MHz OMAP processor
-Wi-Fi tethering
-8GB internal
-8GB SD card preinstalled
-Updated keyboard
-5MP camera
-New version of Motoblur(Ninjablur?)


So, what do you think? Does the Droid 2 sound like something you would purchase?

Source: Droid-Life

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  • It's look a little weird for me, but maybe it's just the angle

  • ray

    Got wait 2 years to upgrade I love my droid but need more power

  • julio

    to be honest it doesn't seem like that much of a change from the first droid. just got the moto droid earlier this year and I haven't seen anything yet that really (I mean really) makes me want to change it for something else

  • Jason

    Seriously, where's the power? No Snapdragon? (either 1GHZ or the 1.2 GHZ)

  • wow…its so cool, but how much?

  • wew…
    another cool stuff must have..

  • eka

    nice post. thanks for sharing. :p

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