Rumor: Google Voice via Gmail Being Tested

It’s being rumored that Google is testing their Google Voice services and features through integration with Gmail.  Rather than relying on a phone to make calls, users would see a pop-up window with a dialpad, contacts, and a credit balance.  If true, this would be a major step forward to getting Google Voice over IP, and possibly some Android integration down the road. TechCrunch reported back in April that Google was testing a desktop application that allowed for making and receiving calls.  Could this be the same thing?

One thing is for certain, something is going on with Google Voice and Gmail.  How do I know?  Try this – Try to create a label in Gmail called “voicemail”.

“Sorry, you can’t create a label named “voicemail” (it’s a reserved system label). Please try another name:”

  • This has been the case since GVoice was doing limited updates. You could never create a label entitled Voicemail – Im sure SMS, Text, Placed, Received wouldnt work either.

  • rcc

    I hope this pans out. I use GV for international calls now, since they have the best rates I could find. However, it would seem to me that bringing this to Android would place Google in conflict with the phone carriers. Why would people use the native phone phone International LD service if someone could just dial using GV?

  • Google has had Gizmo5 for a while now. . . I wish they would stop sitting on it and let users tie it tie it with gVoice especially on an Android handset–VOIP over WiFi tied into your gVoice. . . nice!

  • Stephen

    Yah that Voicemail label has been reserved for at least a couple weeks now. The phone system we have at work can email our voicemails and I set up a label in Google Apps to filter and auto label the voicemails a few weeks back and I could not since it was a reserved.

  • Wouldn't it just make more sense for Google Voice to just use SIP? I can understand Google wanting to tie Google Voice with Gmail, but there are still people who don't want to sit in front of a PC to make a phone call. If they just used SIP, it would open up a new set of possibilities. And ever since they bought Gizmo, they had SIP. And instead of using the wanna be 747 number Gizmo has which would never work on PSTN (since it is a valid area code), it would fix that issue. Gizmo users would just have their Google Voice number, and everything going over the Internet through Google Voice's servers. Problem solved, and current users – happy. Just my thoughts.

  • gad

    When in God's earth will GV come to Europe.,or is it just an american thing?

  • Mark

    they were definitely playing around with something. Yesterday in gmail the gchats looked completely different and had a call icon along with contact info icon etc… It's gone today though. I didn't really test it out because i didn't want to call anyone

  • John

    Can someone plz send an invite to [email protected] . I still havn't recieved the one I requested 2 months ago!

  • ari-free

    I would like to make calls from my pc but why a dialpad when it is faster to just type out the number? 🙂

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  • awaiting for another new techs..