Is this a Sony Companion Box for Google TV?

Engadget had an article up last week about the white box pictured to the left.  FCC documents call Sony unit an “Internet TV Box, similar to the wording for Sony’s Internet TV announced at Google I/O.  Foxconn is the builder of the internet appliance with specs saying that the unit has 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi built into the unit.  When this guy will drop questionable but Engadget points at a September 1st date.

What is interesting with the appearance of this unit is that neither Google nor Sony mentioned any kind of set top box being produced from Sony itself.  The only thing Sony was announced to be making were televisions with Google TV built into them.  Logitech was the only announced maker of any kind of set top box at the announcement.

With Google TV units running a mixture of Android and Chrome elements, are we going to start seeing many different boxes being released with Google TV functionality?  Will we see the same kind of fragmentation that we are seeing with mobile handsets?

Check out some other images after the break that give more information on the unit.

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  1. flippedout
    June 10, 21:01 Reply

    Notice the model number? -GT1 Could that stand for Google TV 1? Just a thought.

  2. beeker
    June 11, 15:43 Reply

    I thought Sony was working with Google to get this out there?

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