HTC Aria/Liberty/Intruder Spotted in AT&T Handset Testing Video

Check out the video below from AT&T which shows how they go about testing their handsets.  Of particular note is the fact that this clip shows the yet-to-be-announced HTC Aria/Liberty/Intruder smart phone.  While the guy in the video acknowledges it is an Android device, he does not disclose any details about it.  So we do what we always do and dug a few out for you. 

Unfortunately, there’s very little to glean.  We now know that it runs HTC‘s Sense UI and has a microUSB port, both grabbed below.   It is interesting nonetheless to see the paces a device is put through before it’s ready for release.

  • Rey

    wow seems like they really want to get in the loop with android. Thats cool tho that they released a video like this shows the consumer that they have interest. Even tho i dont like AT&T

  • The photo doesn't look to clear

  • thanks for sharing 🙂 good video

  • ANDROID goes around the world i guess…

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it.. :p