INQ Mobile: “We are Going all-Android”

We previously covered INQ Mobile here back in September of 2009 as the company announced they would be looking to bring their own Android phones to the United States.  Here were are, six months into 2010 and there’s yet to be any rumblings. After selling around 1.5 million of their INQ Chat 3G handsets in UK, Italy and India, they have zero US presence.

Frank Meehan, CEO, said earlier this week that they plan to drop their first Android phone at some point in the fourth quarter.  INQ’s strategy has shifted away from low-end handsets to smart phones and multitouch devices.

“We are going all-Android and touch,” Frank Meehan

As Om Malik points out, INQ shares something in common with Apple and Google in that they are software companies that do hardware.  INQ’s target now is the space below HTC which is currently occupied by the likes of Sony Ericsson, LG, and Samsung.  The smart phone industry is still in its infancy and anyone can become a key player.  As to whether INQ Mobile’s new strategy still includes coming to the United States remains to be seen.

  • MrE

    They don't know their arse from their elbow at that company they are so disorganized so I predict a massive FAIL for them

    • Well maybe they will get lucky and sold some units, who knows?

    • MR E is a k N O B

      You’re talking guff:

      switched from a crappy E71 to an INQ chat 3g and couldn’t be happier – as a web dev + comms developer I know what i’m on about and you’re total b*llocks

      INQ are massive in China and will eventually be big here thanks to some big ex-hutchinson guys.

      Personally I hope they succeed cos’ they make good phones that don’t FAIL like crappy nokias with their relic-S60 symbian software.

      So shut yer face Mr E.

  • cool android n google

  • ANDROID will rock the world..

  • nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it.. :p

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