Rumor: Samsung Behold II to Recieve Android 1.6 Beginning June 28th

The word around the campfire today is that the Samsung Behold II handset from T-Mobile will be seeing an update on June 28th.  Sadly, this will be the only bump the phone ever receives as it’s just not capable of 2.0 or higher.  We never did learn how many Behold II units were sold over the last few months but I get the sense that it’s a disappointment all around.  The cube design turned me off the second I learned it couldn’t be customized. I mean, how terrible is it that most phones are jumping to 2.1 this summer and the Behold II is taking baby steps?

Are any of you guys out there using a Behold II at this time?  Does Android 1.6 appeal to you at all or are you looking to replace the phone already?

  • jeff

    I'm curious–what is lacking in the Behold II that makes it impossible to upgrade beyond 1.6?

    • Jared

      Nothing is lacking hardware-wise on the phone. It is more than capable of running even Froyo. Its got a 520mhz processor, 512MB ROM and 256 RAM. More than the G1, and they got 2.1 on the G1.

      The only thing that is lacking is the will of Samsung to provide their customers with a modern update. It will cost them money to port the software, and its money they don't want to spend since they already got your money.

      • Tony

        they should just release a vanilla version of Android 2.1/2.2 without their stupid cube UI. Is that phone rootable? Are there 2.1 ROMs for it?

      • so true jared, so true ….

      • SnifferSir

        Bingo! That's just it – plain and simple – nothing more. It's all about the most efficient way to make the $$$. And the reason they won't release their proprietary code (drivers) for the BH2 so that non-affiliated programmers could port the newer versions of Android is because of the negative impact it'd have on Galaxy S sales… As if there hasn't already been a negative impact on that. Still, I'm sure from what they think about their past customer base – they're banking on there being plenty of other 'sucker' fish in the sea…

  • pik

    the same goes for galaxy i7500

  • Dustin

    Effort on Samsungs part is what is lacking.

  • cece

    My guess is that the lacking part is the GPU.
    android 2.x makes great use of it if think.

  • Samsung's behavior on these phones is making me extremely leery of buying a Samsung phone (or other Samsung Android device). After getting burned by Sharp's attitude toward Zaurus (Linux) owners (abandonment), I don't buy anything from Sharp. After seeing how Samsung is treating it's early Android customers, I'll put Samsung on the "do not touch" list until they prove that they can be trusted to support their Android products/customers.

    I'm not /saying/ they did anything wrong, but it looks bad right now.

    • Joey

      I have the Samsung Moment and I will never buy another Samsung phone again. It finally gets 2.1 after months of waiting. Its a plain 2.1 but it works. HTC is the way to go!

  • Nathan

    I'm very, very interested in the Galaxy S, but given the way Samsung deals with upgrades, that is a huge strike against that device, which otherwise looks amazing. Maybe they are neglecting these other devices because they are throwing all of their effort into developing the Galaxy S, but that still doesn't bode well for that heavily skinned device, when they incredibly turn their attention to the next latest greatest down the road.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    that a god damn shame… samsung, you guys are [email protected]#king up, big time.

  • Yham

    I have 4 Behold II's on a family plan. I have one line coming up for an upgrade on T-Mobile, and I would have upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S; but after being screwed over for updates on the Behold II, I have decided to upgrade to a MyTouch Slide instead. At least all T-Mobile MyTouch phones will get Froyo soon!!

  • PaullyPaul

    I have had 2 Behold II for the past 6 months and they are slow, get dumped offline, and all around a disappointment. I am excited about the Galaxy S, but have to agree with the others on here that Samsung better get with the program and treat consumers alot better. There is too much competition out there. I may just switch to verizon or Sprint. . . .

  • I already replaced mine with the myTouch 3G Slide. That Behold II was just another example of how bad Samsung as a company is when it comes to anything with a computer chip.

    • Did you have to pay TMobile to upgrade off this POS? My TMobile rep said NO, I was not eligible to upgrade off it.

  • Tony

    I love my Samsung Plasma TV. I really wanted a Galaxy S, but this is worrying me.

  • everytihing will be ANDROID later 🙂

  • I am bailing of this POS as soon as possible! TMobile/Samsung LIED about this being a phone (when I purchased it on the day it was released) that it would upgrade to AT LEAST 2.0.

    So here we are, coming up on June 28th for version 1.6. Lets see if that even happens! I think we should be able to get our money back. This thing reboots AT LEAST twice a day, and I have NO applications loaded, just to try to keep that from happening. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING created by/ Sold By Samsung again!

  • manny

    i have a behold 2 and wut the fuck why fuck samsung now!!!

  • eka

    nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it.. :p