$88 Android 5-Inch Tablet. Seriously.



The above video shows a brand new $88 5 inch Android tablet that was shown at the Computex 2010 show last week.  This is the Acorp 5″ Rockchip 600mhz ARM9 based Android tablet, not a bad looking little unit.

There is not much information about this unit as far as specs go, we know from watching the video that it is running Android 1.5, but according to the rep it is going to be updated soon.  The unit is the same size as the Dell Streak, so if you are looking for an idea of the size of that unit, make sure to check the video out.

Compared to the Dell, this 5 inch tablet is not going to knock our socks off, but at 88 bucks, you can’t go wrong. Check back for more details and make sure to watch the above vid to see it in action.

SOURCE: Chris.pirillo.com


    • I have no idea, unless it is made of some incredibly cheap plastic. The only thing I can think of is that this thing may be a g1 with a bigger screen, and if that is the case, it would be something that would be WAY behind the curve.

  1. a few things, this device looks awesome. It seems to perform much better than any other crap tablet i have seen, it runs at 600mhz which knowing that chip isnt the max clock speed and over clocking could get it as high as 800Mhz + also in terms of hardware is nothing like a g1 but it could be as hackable as one an for 88 dollars (72 euros) its an absolute steal. the resolution dosnt suck for its screen size either. i want it.

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