Android Cookin’ Up Some Coffee, Thanks to Yanko Design


Chalk this one up in the weird column, but the pic to the left is an Android based espresso machine.  If you notice, the cups of coffee have the barcodes that we have come to know and love in the Android world.  The espresso machine can scan those, then, when you plug your Android powered handset into the phone dock, it will tell your handset to play music that matches the mood of the type of espresso you are making.

It is called the Appresso, and is created by Yanko Design.  You can check out the description on their site by clicking here.

No word on pricing as of yet, but I imagine a designer piece like this is not going to be cheap.  I would love to see one of these in a store one day to see how it all works.  Having weird stuff like this that is powered by Android is a sign that the platform is getting the recognition it deserves.  If you are a coffee lover and an Android lover, perhaps this is the coffee maker for you.

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  • @MatthewPatience

    Ray, I can't help but read your articles with an accent.

    • revray35

      lol, sometimes I wissh I could write in an accent, cause that is how it sounds in my head.

    • ari-free

      Chalk dis one down in de funky column, but da damn pic t'de left be an Android based espresso machine. If ya' notice, de cups uh coffee gots de barcodes dat we gots mosey on down to know and love in de Android wo'ld. De espresso machine kin scan dose, den, when ya' plug yo' Android powered handset into de rap rod dock, it gots'ta tell yo' handset t'play beat dat matches de mood uh de type uh espresso ya' is makin'.

  • mikeeeee

    what about us tea drinkers?

    • ranggaw0636

      Yeah, where our tea ?

  • bruce

    This is a design exercise, nothing more. It will never be produced or offered for sale. All you have to do is read English and follow a link or two to figure that out. Wake up and smell the coffee! :-)

  • ari-free

    I thought android could do everything except make your coffee and now I see that I am wrong again!

  • yohan

    thats really cool design :)

  • chai

    wow, new inovation, cool..

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    what a nice shoot..

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    hahah, what about juice, can i use that

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    wow.. thats great…

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    nice post. thanks for sharing. i like it.. :p