Cellflare Android App Released

In a press release, Cellflare is announcing the release of their Android App.  Cellflare is a location based service, allowing you to see other friends locations, and interact with different landmarks based on your position as read by your handset.

The app has been pretty successful on the iPhone and Blackberry platforms, and with this expansion to Android Cellflare is planning on reaching even more potential users.  A cool feature of this app is the ability to interact with locations you come into contact with on your map.  Say you are headed to eat at your favorite restaurant, and as you get near there Cellflare pops up offering you a nice coupon that you can use right from your handset.  Pretty cool.  There are some location based games as well built into the app.  If you see a friend near you, you can play a game with them, or sms or email them because they are close to you.

To make this app really work well, you would need to live near a major city, so if you are in a rural area like me, it may not have as much appeal.  The app is available today for download from the Market.  Check it out and leave us comments on how it works!

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