Google Now Offering Sources for Trivia Wars Everywhere

So for all you know-it-alls–I mean trivia buffs, Google has implemented a new feature in mobile searches to help you answer questions and source your arguments for the year that the Fonz jumped the shark.

Pictured to the left you see the new feature, which recognizes queries with terms like “capitol of,” “birthday of,” etc., and tries to provide the specific information you’re looking for instead of regular search results. It also provides  sources for the information, just in case anyone doubts you.  Google debuted this feature in desktop browsers last month, but now is rolling it out to your handset. Just type or speak your search as usual and the information will automagically appear.

So now instead of making up a random statistic on the fly, you can actually get a REAL one from a good source.  You will NEVER be wrong again.  Not that you are now, but you know what we mean.

Check it out with your next search.