Junaio “Glue” Augmented Reality Browser Released for Android

Augmented Reality developer Junaio recently announced that they have released an Android version of their Augmented Reality (AR) browser, Glue. We have seen AR Browsers before in Layar and others, but what makes this browser unique is that it “glues” images to objects scanned by the camera in your handset.

Like the picture to the left, what they have scanned is a book, the volcano from the book has been “glued” to the object in the browser, so that if the book would move in your view, so would the volcano attached to it.  Junaio is saying that if you scan things like CD’s, the browser will give you an image glued to the CD, plus it will talk to you about the artist and album.

Check the short video from the developer on how all this works, then shoot on over to the Market to try it out for yourself!


  • Ruben

    Can't find in the market running 2.2 On my nexus any suggestions?

  • Yham

    Who's the chick in the promo pic? She's hot!

  • Apparently this doesn't work very well for people who are running Froyo

  • It will be cool if it's really work

  • The_Omega_Man

    I see potential Military applications for this tech. 😉

  • it will be cool browser 🙂

  • wow… very great technology… maybe virtual reality can be real..

  • oh that.s awesome

  • eka

    nice video. thanks for sharing

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