October 31, 2014

Nexus One May Suffer from Same Framerate Issue as EVO

We reported recently that the EVO has been having some serious frame rate issues, namely that it is locked at 30 FPS in both 2d and 3d modes.  Now it seems that the Nexus One may be suffering from the same frame rate issue.

In a post over at dailytech.com, it is being reported that the XDA Forums are alive with posts saying that the N1 is having the same issues as the newer Sprint EVO.  This has been especially noticeable since people have been upgrading their N1’s to Froyo.

It seems that Google is not sure why this is happening, according to Android Framework Engineer Romain Guy, but that their target with Froyo is and always has been 60 FPS. A quote from the Dailytech article;

Android framework engineer “Romain Guy” isn’t quite sure where this problem is coming from.  He wrote a response, saying that for the record the “target was, is and will be 60fps.”  Strangely the Nexus One, which has official Froyo support already, also seems to be having the issue.  It at least starts out during the Froyo running load animation at 60 fps (which allows it to appear smooth), but its framerate subsequently drops to 30 fps upon reaching the home screen.

It seems that this might be related to something in the firmware that can be addressed with a patch. Let’s hope they can hunt down the cause quickly if two of the top Android phones have been afflicted.