Rumor: New OTA Going Out to Nexus One

A few sources are reporting that a new OTA update is starting to roll out to Nexus One owners. From what we can tell, the report orginates with  Sizzled Core, who include the screenshot seen here. The build number, FRF72, indicates a Froyo build subsequent to FRF50, the pre-release Froyo build that was OTA’d to a small number of Nexus Ones recently.

The OTA is reportedly only 1.8 Mb, and so would presumably be an incremental update to those who already received FRF50. Sizzled Core reports that the changelog mentions only updates to the browser, including better Flash support.

The skeptical folks at XDA-developers note that this screenshot could be faked fairly easily, but also point out a Google employee who tweeted about receiving a Froyo update today.

What do you think? Real or not? Presumably we’ll know more soon.

Update: We’ve not seen reports of Nexus One owners receiving this update since this post went up, leading us to conclude that either this rumor is entirely false, or that FRF72 is an internal QA build not being distributed OTA.

Update 2: We’ve seen several Google employees make reference to getting a Nexus One Froyo update, in some cases even referencing FRF72 as the build number. Looks like this is a real build going out OTA but only internally to Google employees for now.

Thanks to Thomas Riley for the tip!

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  1. Mr.impressive25
    June 12, 19:50 Reply

    i haven't even got my Froyo yet…. i tried manually update didn't work so i guess i just have to wait it out. i do have a question tho… does anyone know how much internal space u need to get 2.2 on ya N1?

    • melissa
      June 15, 16:13 Reply

      I just spoke with Google directly and they said they have released the official update for ota and it is up to the providers when they decide to push it through. She estimated that it will be by the end of the month, but would only officially confirm that they did release the official 2.2. She said the manual upgrade was only for test phones and not meant for the general public. She said there is quite a bit more to the official one and it fixes the bugs that came with the manual. She also confirmed that those who manually upgraded will also get the official and it will not adversely affect it. (More likely, it will fill in the holes of frf50)

  2. phuzzykiller
    June 12, 20:04 Reply

    Nothing up here in the great white north of Toronto…. but then again, that's not unusual. We probably won't see it till everyone else has it..

  3. yohan
    June 13, 11:18 Reply

    thanks for the information :)

  4. Justin
    June 14, 14:13 Reply

    I have an unlocked Nexus One on T-Mobile. I have not gotten anything here either.

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