FTC Will Investigate Apple

The war between Google and Apple took another turn over the last few days.  Recent tweaks to the App Store rules prohibit developers from certain development tools that enable them to create apps that run on multiple devices. Some of the new tweaks also seem to effectively block third-party advertising services like AdMob.  As many of you know, Google’s deal with AdMob recently gained approval by the FCC.  So what does Apple do?  Change the rules of the game. 

Jobs and Co. have banned developers from using advertising in iPhone apps that shares analytic data with “an advertising service provider owned by or affiliated with a developer or distributor of mobile devices, mobile operating systems or development environments other than Apple.” What happens next?  The FTC will investigate whether or not Apple is illegally using its software market to harm competitors.  See the full story here.

In other Apple litigation news, the HTC patents lawsuit is moving forward.  For those who weren’t following along, HTC alleges Apple is using five of their patents without permission. These include personalized software phone dialers, power-management technology, and a phone dialer with memory access.

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  • Apple deserve it

    • adem

      Apple are a cheater 😀

  • It's ok if their exclusive but not if Windows (or anyone else) does it to them. Apple is over-rated in so many ways, and kick & scream if they can't have their way.

  • Watermelon Droid

    It's not even my favorite fruit!

  • Julius

    Great desktop OS – pity about the restrictions on the mobile OS.

    • ari-free

      Imagine if Mac OS X had an app store. It wouldn’t have Photoshop! Graphic designers would have to use Gimp on Linux in order to create all those icons.

  • we will see 🙂

  • James Bailey

    I can just see the outcome if Apple had to allow Google to advertise on the iPhone. Apple makes a browser. Google has a search engine API that has licensing that doesn't allow you to replace Google ads with your own ads. Apple just puts their own analytic engine inside Safari, blocks Google ads and replaces them with their own and sells the analytic information to Microsoft so they can improve Bing.

    Google complains but Apple simply points out that you aren't allowed to control advertising on your platform any longer. You have to let every developer do what ever they want.

    Somehow I think Google is going to regret this one way or another.

  • world war 3 :LOL:

  • we'll see… ok.. thanks for your information…

  • thx 4 info

  • hmm,, apple,, ok we'll see..

  • eka

    thanks for info. nice post

  • I know that there are very strong competition between Apple and Google. Through this article I know the depth of Internet marketing. I really like to know that FTC investigate that Apple using Its software in the market to harm competitors. Really very great stuff!