HTC Wildfire Available Through Vodafone

It seems like we are getting an HTC announcement once a week lately! is reporting that the HTC Wildfire will be available on Vodafone and 3 other carriers with various rate plans. The Wildfire is nothing spectacular as far as a handset goes, with a 5mp camera, 3.2 inch screen, 364mb of on board storage expandable up to 32gb with a SD card.  The handset runs Android 2.1 with HTC‘s Sense UI and also offers the app sharing widget for letting friends know what you’re installing!

If you live in the UK, you can get your hands on this device now it seems.  Any of our readers have their hands on this handset yet?  Leave us a comment!

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  • David

    When to expect it in PORTUGAL???

    • Ricardo

      It's expected to come to Portugal in 31 July.

  • Rich

    Are the 3 other carriers European? I would like to see this come to America.

    • kavu

      It will be on AT&T branded as the HTC ARIA

  • Anyone already get this gadget?
    Please tell me the performance?

    • It has nearly identical specifications to the HTC Hero, although it has 384MB of RAM as opposed to the Hero's 288MB. Performance is generally good for a phone in that price range.

  • It's amazing that 6 months ago, this would be a top-of-the line Android device. Now, it's "nothing special."

    • why not special?? is there are problem??

  • wow, it’s cool, thank for sharing 🙂

  • it's amazing….

  • hmm,, i don't know.. 🙂

  • eka

    thanks for sharing

  • I got one and it's great!

    If you have never owned an Android smart phone, this is a great start up phone. The main complains are screen resolution… it is not that bad…in other words its a good screen already, no need for a better screen…
    It is reasonably fast, depending on the apps you install, some can slow the phone down, but if you take them off it'll be fine… It's a great value smart phone for a good price… Most phones cost twice or even three times as much and do about the same thing just perhaps a bit faster…
    The battery life could be better, but then again if you are on the phone nonstop it's to be expected..
    It is the best value for money smart phone outthere. If you don't care how much you spend just get Desire which is faster with amolled screen or Samsung Galaxy but be prepared to pay twice as much. Really it depends what you need it for…