You Tell Us: Who “Gets” Android The Best? (Handset Makers)

We all have our opinion as to which phone maker seems to be doing the best with Android.  Whether it’s HTC with their Sense UI and high end super phones or Motorola with their always-evolving form factors and hardware combination, everyone has a horse in the race.  Which one is yours?  Tell us who you think “gets” Android the best.

After you are done voting in the poll below, hit up the comments to back your answer up. Why did you vote the way you did?

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  • nice post, thank for sharing 🙂

  • theweakend

    Still waiting on you Nokia but as of now htc not the ui or anything (vanilla or gtfo)

  • ari-free

    I voted for Motorola. They are 100% committed to Android and aren't wasting time with other diversions such as Winmo or Bada. They were confident Android could stand on its own without a custom UI and that leads to faster updates. They showed off things that Android allows that you won't get from Apple including a larger screen and physical keyboard…they didn't want to make yet another cute phone.

    • Westy

      Moto Blur is horrible and they are still going to put it on their phones. A lighter version but still MotoBlur, and as committed as they may seem Google is still using HTC for their Flagship phones and until that changes in my eyes HTC rains supreme. Also HTC Sense is light years better then MotoBlur, although i favor Vanilla Android over all.

  • Phroghollow

    Does the Nexus One count as HTC??

    • I voted Google just because of Nexus One: the whole set (hardware and software) was Google's choice, not HTC's.

      I hate brand customization, which delays updates to the users. So Google got it right with Nexus One. After the first couple of handsets, HTC strayed with their Sense UI.

      • tykazowsky


      • ari-free

        Google wasn't on the list but I'd still give it to Motorola.
        1) Motorola was the only one to go out there and educate people about Android. TV ads didn't just talk about the hardware; it demonstrated Android features and apps. All Google did for N1 was a bunch of web links. Anyone who makes an Android device today has to thank Motorola for their ad campaign.
        2) If N1 was successful, it would've killed Android. Nobody else would want to make Android phones if the company that makes the OS has such a big advantage over them. Google would be the only one left making android phones and all the competition and innovation that's the key to success would go away.

        • Westy

          The only good Motorola Android phone currently avaliable is the Droid (Droid2 and DroidX arent out yet but definitely look good) all of their other phones are trash low end and mid range phones. HTC puts out the higher end Android phones.

          The best thing about the N1 one is it set the standard, I dont think you would be seeing nearly as many high end Android phones out there if it wasnt for HTC which continues to push the hardware that force competitors to move forward as well. Second most of the advertisement you are seeing wasnt from Motorola but from Verizon pushing the Droid series. Lastly HTC is putting out more Android phones then any other company right now.

  • jay

    Yes The nexus one was made by HTC.

    • David

      The Nexus One was made by HTC, but it would be quite a different phone if HTC was given complete control of it. HTC is good, I own a Desire and love it, but they fail at making their Sense UI fit in with the rest of the Android interface. Following Google's UI guidelines would go a long way in helping it fit in. IMO, not doing so – and, in the process, making your phone feel like it has split personalities – lands HTC quite a way off the mark in terms of "getting" Android. Not to mention the user's inability to easily make it go away. That said, HTC is the only manufacturer I have experience with – I don't know how the others deal with these issues. Vote 1 "Not HTC".

  • Great post.. Thanks for sharing 😀

  • great post… nice… thanks for sharing information… 😀

  • Sorry, but N1 is still the best Android phone

  • rich

    the nexus is the best android phone, sense just has to much going on and ties up to many resorce that would be better used elsewhere. The fact that the nexus recieves googles updates first make it the phone to have. i wish google could in some way keep control on phone requirements a little better to help with fragmentation or legacy as andy puts it

  • trn

    Google! Stock Android beats all the modded androids.

  • Google – because I like my Android NAKED 😉

  • Ilya

    waiting for galaxy s, but for now I say nexus is the best android phone

  • mikeeeee

    my cliqXT has bars where no other phone has had them, in my living room. when a UMA android drops, i'm first in line to get one. 'til then i got all i need with moto now.

  • Jim

    I have had the MT, N1 & now the EVO. Had no problems with the MT 3G but returned the N1 three times due to defects. The EVO is having the widely reported screen issues. 2 out of 3 HTC is not a great average. I want to love the HTC phones but I don't think the overall quality is there.

  • bbb

    Based on experience, it has to be HTC, BUT all someone has to do is deliver a couple of phones without the customizations and I'm theirs. Basically, I want a Nexus with the latest hardware.

  • Nathan

    I have a split view on this. I think HTC clearly has the best vision of what Android is capable of doing and makes the most of it with their customizations. The user experience on their devices is head and shoulders above the others (though the new UI on the Galaxy S looks pretty slick too). However, when I thin of Android, the first thing that comes to mind is the Droid. I'm guessing there are two reasons for this: 1) the Droid is the first Android device I ever really messed around with, and more importantly, 2) Verizon and Motorola have spent millions on their Droid Does adds, so they have the best branding. So, when I think of Android, I think Motorola. If I wanted to use Android, I would go with HTC.

  • I can only speak to my N1 made by HTC. My vote would be for whatever manufacturer does not lay their own UI over stock android. Keep it simple I say! Oh, and allow me to root and flash roms easily too!

  • Malcolm

    Correct this pool to include Nexus One as independent branch… why? because is the BEST device.


    N1 hands down, so GOOGLE/HTC it is…P.s. Motorola isn't responsible for the droid commercials, Verizon is. Do you see the milestone with those commercials…No.

  • MulderFoxx

    Motorola?! Please. They don't get the fact that Android should be open, they slap BLUR on top and make their exiting customers wait MONTHS beyond legitimate Android releases so they can lay their garbage on top of it. Utter crap and if I could root my Cliq XT it would be done by now.

  • anakin78z

    While I appreciate that Motorola really put android on the map with the Droid, I still voted HTC. Quite frankly, I think ALL of them have to take a step back though and look at what they're doing. While Motorola launched the droid, it's been nothing but crap phones since then. HTC is pumping out one phone after another, and while a lot of them have the right specs, their supply is suffering, and every phone seems to have one thing or another wrong with them, which I must attribute to not enough testing for each individual phone, which must be hard when you're producing a new one every week.
    I almost thought Samsung, after a miserable start, suddenly had the right idea. One phone, the Galaxy S, well tested, available to the whole world. Accessory makers don't have to worry about a million different phone formats, they don't have to worry about upgrading 10 phones to 2.2 and can focus on just the one. HOWEVER, in the last week we've seen all these different versions announced, and other Samsung phones as well, so I guess they're not getting it right, either.
    Funny enough, Sony Erricsson DID get it right by focusing on just one phone for a while, but… they didn't get it quite right.

    In my opinion, this is what the lineup should be for each company:
    Nexus One – high end phone with vanilla android
    Desire or Incredible – essentially the same phone with Sense UI
    EVO – stands on its own
    Legend – lower priced and lower spec'd
    mini – or whatever it's called… niche market

    Motorola –
    Droid – high end with vanilla Android
    some blur equivalent – high end with crappy blur
    Droid Xtreme – to compete with the Evo
    Cliq – low end with blur.

    Samsung –
    Galaxy S – high end with touch wiz whatever
    Vanilla Android variant – same phone with stock Android
    Galaxy Beam – niche market

    well, you get the idea.

  • Android

    I want to believe in HTC but with their internet connecitivty issues, at least im concerned. I came from a Cliq & did not have the concerns im having now, with the Evo. Moto was more plug & play-HTC, its as if im starting all over again. I get that HTC is trying, but Moto has already been there in regards to signal strength. I dont receive signal in some rural areas 50% of the time when previously, Moto was 100%. Maybe, its also a Sprint downfall-but my experience with multiple HTC & Moto Android phones leads me to believe otherwise. Moto is committed to Android & HTC is attempting to produce WinMo phones that are just not in the same realm.

  • i think htc is good one,,

  • eka

    If I wanted to use Android, I would go with HTC. nice post man..

  • Trev186

    I do not get why they make phones with less than 1 GHZ now or less RAM ETC

    It is pretty clear that your phone sucks if it does not have those features.

    Then you also suck if your next phone (Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S 4G) has the same processor or ram as your current phone.

    For me I am most excited about the ATrix but will most likely by an LG optimus 2X when it is available because I hate Att and they restrict too many features.

    Phone makers need to start allowing us to use SDXC cards as well in our phones. I want 2 TB of mobile storage sooner than later.