Droid Does Faster: Droid 2 Will be 1GHz According to Purported Commercials

The boys over at Droid Life have scored what appear to be treatments for the upcoming Droid 2 and Droid X handsets.  If these prove to be right, we can get a sense for what lies ahead for both phones.  First up we learn that the Droid 2 will feature a 1GHz processor which is considerably faster than the 750MHz we previously expected.  Now the phone truly seems like a genuine successor.

We don’t learn anything new in terms of hardware for the Droid X but are treated to a description of a new EyeCon application.

This does some major media management.   With the EyeCon app, it puts every movie, internet clip, song, and photo at your fingertips to access at any device in your home at will, making you your own media mogul.

Sold.  Oh it doesn’t hurt when you have a 4.3-inch screen running NFL Mobile at 720p either.

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    The Eyecon app looks awesome… Does anyone know anything more about it?
    I think I found their YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/eyecontechnologies.