Hacker Overclocks EVO 4G to 1.267GHz (Toasty!)

A member (coolbho3000) from XDA-developers has managed to get his EVO 4G up to 1.267GHz,running about 30% faster than normal.  So far things have been running pretty stable for him considering he has only had the phone a short while. We know you hackers and modders out there are already getting jealous.  Not to worry though!  He will be releasing the source for this kernel as he says it’s a “fairly easy tweak”.

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  1. deden
    June 15, 05:01 Reply

    amazing… coooolll man,,,, thank you fir share…

  2. deden
    June 15, 05:02 Reply

    ooppzzz for share information…

  3. Endy
    June 15, 05:05 Reply

    Great post.. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. TareX
    June 15, 08:35 Reply

    This is one thing the EVO doesn't need…. Battery life is already bad as it is…

  5. ipad leather case
    June 15, 09:47 Reply

    We know you hackers and modders out there are already getting jealous. Not to worry though! it is easy to hack any model or phone yet, anyway thanks for sharing…

  6. raistlinmaje
    June 16, 03:39 Reply

    had this on my nexus one months ago. performance isn't worth the decrease in battery life.

  7. nining
    June 27, 20:03 Reply

    i like it,, that's coollll…..

  8. eka
    July 12, 16:21 Reply

    nice video. thanks for sharing

  9. james
    November 04, 07:31 Reply

    This is one thing the EVO doesn’t need…. Battery life is already bad as it is

  10. laptop bags
    December 11, 08:21 Reply

    cool man!  Android is amazing~! I just speeded windows mobile cup before.

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