Hackers Release Android 2.1 for the Motorola Cliq

With Motorola‘s plan to update the Motorola CLIQ to Android 2.1 up in the air, hackers have decided to take actions into their own hands.  A group of ROM developers over at ModMyMobile have been able to build Android 2.1 from source and released an alpha version known as Eclair2CLIQ. Currently, the ROM is still in very early development so it is not for new users, but it is very exciting to learn that devs got a stock version of Android working on the CLIQ.

I will be flashing a CLIQ tonight. Can’t wait! Let us know if you try it, we want to know how it goes!

Source: ModMyMobile

  • wow, cool 🙂

  • MichMan

    What do you mean "up in the air"? It's pretty irresponsible to make a statement like that without any references. AFAIK, they are coming out with 2.1 in early July (TMoNews.com). That's not "up in the air". Sheesh!

    • stirfry

      It was "supposed" to be in Q2. The date is slipping – hence "up in the air"

    • Tim

      and I just called Motorola and T-Mobile and neither could give even a rough release date …. "up in the air"!

  • yooiiii coooll man.,.. awesome.. thanks for share information… i like it…

  • Scott

    Will this work on the Cliq XT?

  • Great post… thanks for sharing 😀

  • wow.. so cooll..

  • Nick S.

    MichMan, as for July, that's as much speculation as anything, because for the entire second quarter, all of the official deployment calendar info from MOT has been "sometime in 2Q2010". Well, that's up in 2 days. At this point, the only reason to HOPE they deliver in July is that they have utterly failed in delivering on schedule in the first place, even with a target as broad as three months' time. I have the score as Motorola 0, Disappointed Cliq Users 1.

    Still on my root'd G1 for now…

  • I'm half-expecting a quiet-as-possible "we changed our mind, we can't get MOTOBLUR™ to work on 2.1on the CLIQ&trade with MOTOBLUR™ so we're cancelling the upgrade. Ha ha. How about switching to Verizon to buy our new phone instead?"

    (I'd forgive this if they'd make it possible to root the phone with their permission, then at least I could get WPA2-Enterprise wifi working on it.)

  • eka

    that is awesome!