HTC EVO 4G and Droid Incredible Afflicted With Unresponsive Touchscreen?


Engadget is reporting that the HTC EVO 4G and Droid Incredible suffer from unresponsive touchscreens.  The video posted above supposedly shows the EVO’s touchscreen failing to smoothly register touches when the phone isn’t being handled.  Engadget also has an older video showing the same problem on three different Droid Incredible handsets.   Any EVO or Incredible owners out there experiencing issues such as this? Let us know!

Source: Engadget

  • Yes, I own a Droid Incredible and the screen at times doesnt respond.

    Hopefully HTC or Google can create a fix for that ASAP. Or maybe they should give us a free upgrade to another new phone like the Droid X? hehe I wish. 🙂

    It happens about once or twice a week….I usually hit the top lock button and when I unclock it the screen works again.


    • iwurm

      Not sure if it will fix this particular problem but I was having dead spots on my screen as well… Particularly on the keyboard when in landscape mode. I could not use certain letters. I downloaded and installed “AnySoftKeyboard” from the android market place. Its free and it seems to have fixed the dead spots. It seems to have made the keyboard more responsive as well.

      Keeping my fingers crossed.

      Hope this helps.

    • iwurm

      @ SAL I agree with you about the EVO beating the iphone. iphone is not without its share of bugs. However I was experiencing dead spots on my EVO about 15 days after I got it.. Downloaded and installed a new keyboard from the Android market and it seems to have fixed the problem.

  • My Nexus One has the same issue when not holding the phone in your hand.

  • ShadowGod

    I have an EVO and I do not have this problem at all.

  • Charlie

    I have had to restart my incredible by removing the battery. This happened about a month after I got it. It does become locked and unresponsive with certain apps that are running searches or games.

  • DroidTester

    I am not having this issue with my EVO so far.

  • Joe K

    Sometimes I'm unable to unlock my Incredible because it doesn't respond to me swiping down (it kind of does, just not enough to unlock it). Of course I can use the menu key to unlock, but the problem still remains.

  • James

    I get the same issue on my HTC Hero. Not that big of a deal unless I'm interpreting this wrong. Just doesn't work great if I'm not holding it in my hand… It's a cell phone, that's where it usually is?

  • Sal

    I've had the EVO since day one and none of the issues folks have mentioned. The grounding problem is idiotic! Seriously who uses their phone laying flat on a cloth couch!

    No screen/glass/touch issues and also battery is fine for me and lasts all day. Sounds like Apple/Engadget trying to spread lies about the phone because they know this beats the new iphone hands down!

  • ssssss

    this is a feature not a bug.

    when you're not holding the device, (i.e. in your pocket) it is less responsive.

    but my evo is ASTONISHINGLY responsive to touch. and QUICK too. i amaze people by just barely touching the home button and watching the home screen pop back and forth.

    • Don

      I think I agree with you on this one. On hand, it's VERY responsive, even to a fault, I think, especially the 4 fixed buttons at the bottom. I have to constantly train myself to hold it a certain way so not to touch those buttons accidentally. I've always complained about how unresponsive the Hero was. The Evo more than makes up for that now.

  • ssssss

    i honestly am starting to think that there is a viral smear campaign against the evo…

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  • Albert

    I have absolutely no problems with my mobile phone since I have owned the Evo. Its responsiveness is excellent, its battery as good as can be expected, it lasts me the whole day and I have found no issues with my screen. In all honesty it is much better than my iPhone and to my surprise I have yet to drop a call using Sprint. With my iPhone I was dropping somewhere between 3 to 5 calls a day and taking it in stride assuming this was a motif of all wireless carriers. At first I was hesitant to change my carrier to Sprint because I was misled by the media to assume Sprint had subpar survice, however that has not been the case since I have switched to buy the Evo. Sprint service is par excellance in case you didn't know, proof of which can be had by using their service for 30 days without having to sign a contract.

  • Paul Mencher

    The Evo is a masterpiece of modern day technology. The only thing it can't do is beam me up to the Enterprise. Regardless of what Apple fans say and those that have manifested nothing but envy towards the Evo do, this smartphone will have no equal in 2010. It is head and shoulders superior to Apples 4th incarnation. This is a true game changer.

    Comparing the Evo with the next generation iPhone is a complete waste of time, the Evo eats the living day lights out of Apple's latest iteration.

    • Don

      Well, let's not get carried away. The iPhone 4 has good modifications after all. The LED screen with higher resolution per square inch is awesome. The technology on their screen is good too.

      Then again, everything else has been done which they just repackaged differently to make it sound new!

      There is something about the Android's evolution that appeals to everyone. It's probably that notion of being a part of something that's essentially similar to having a baby of your own. It's a part of you. You see its potential and become proud when it surpasses that potential.

      I'm a proud to be a part of this rEVOlution.

      • Danw

        Its an LCD screen on the iPhone 4.

      • ari-free

        "The LED screen with higher resolution per square inch is awesome. The technology on their screen is good too. "
        They had to do something because they are stuck with a 3.5" screen. Even if you believe the size of the phone is 'optimal' there is still a lot of bezel that could've been used for a bigger screen.

  • Eddie

    Same issue here with the Droid Incredible. I am waiting for a replacement for a completely different reason. I will report back and see if new unit has same problem

  • Anthony

    I have an EVO and I have this problem.

    I set the phone on the table and I get a notification or something. So I try to pull the notification bar down without picking up the phone and the notification bar will not pull down at all. Its as though the phone doesn't even know where I am touching. I pick up the phone and then I am able to pull down the notification bar…weird….but I don't think its a deal breaker. The 30 fps limit…now thats a concern of mine 🙂

  • jay

    I have an EVO, no problems at all….All this EVO smack talking is getting old….This phone does everything well

  • John

    Well I have a Nexus One, and I must say that the quality of the touch responsivness can not match the Ipod Touch that my gf has.. I can absolutely rely on the ipod touch screen to accurately respond to my touch.. With the Nexus one, all is pretty much good for a while, but regularly I have to standby/unstandby the phone to "reset" the touch screen to stop it zooming in or vibrating etc….

    Its this sort of thing that makes you feel that you have a sub standard product, although I might add apart from this "feature" I completely love what my Nexus One can do and would not swap it for the Iphone any day.. But fobbing the public off with sub standard, or that will do, screens instead of the beatifully engineered Iphones will be HTC's undoing… But as far as hardware is concerned, you get what you pay for!!

    • ari-free

      The EVO has a very advanced touch sensor that the N1 doesn't have. It's not about quality here…it's just that HTC didn't have all the tech yet. For example, the N1 is only capable of registering 2 finger multitouch while the EVO can register 16. Now, I don't know anyone with 16 fingers but this sensor could be used in a tablet and perhaps could be used to simulate a board game where multiple players are moving pieces around.

      • A.P.Richelieu

        Since it is using the Atmel maXTouch multitouch controller,
        the number of fingers is limited to 10, not to 16.
        If documentation says, 16, it probably wrong.

  • Danw

    Its not really a problem. Depending on the surface, the evo touch will not work unless its grounded from something. I never even noticed it till this came out a couple days ago and i honestly could care less. This is not an 'issue' with the phone.

  • Dave

    It doesnt make sence to me. Looks like its a sensor inside the phone. When its laying flat it does not work as great as you expect it to. I have a G1 and I noticed this a long time ago. Pick up the phone in a position thats expected of someone using a phone and everything works fine. Watch the vid at 1:09 seconds for the draw test. The phones are on the couch and when he uses more pressure at the end of drawing the lines, the lines appear because his finger is tilting the sensor in the phone downward. Especially on the last line when he presses hard to the side of the phone and the phone tilts to the side and towards the bottom sinking slightly into the couch.

    Try holding the phones like you would normally hold a phone and then try your test again. Why would you bias the test anyways by not placing the phones on hard surface?

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  • Have had my Incredible since it was first out there, 4/29/10. Not once have I encountered this "problem" on any surface whatsoever. I went through 2 Palm Treo's in my first 6 weeks with issues (google "bluetooth screen of death" and "headphone jack failure"). And just how many of you folks use your cell phones while they're propped up on styrofoam. Raise your hands. Higher. Higher! Don't see anybody…..

  • MissJai

    Nope, my Droid Incredible works like a charm. Purchased it from

  • Android

    The Evo has sucked compared to Motorola.

  • ADI

    I can't believe this story is even making the rounds. A capacitive touch screen needs to be grounded to work. That is one of the reasons that the iPhone will not work with any stylus except ones that are tipped with some form of conductive material, such as anti-static conductive foam.

    If it was such a big issue why was it never mentioned for the iPhone 1 – 3gs?

  • Mine doesn't have this problem AT ALL. Here's a video of my phone with similar test conditions:

  • I am currently on my second Incredible, my first one had grounding issues where the screen was unresponsive while not being held as well as a problem i haven't seen anyone else have yet. The phones 7 screens started to suddenly start shifting back and forth irratically and was unresponsive to touch had to pull battery but called verizon they ended up giving me a new one (Factory Reconditioned BULL*#@T) it as well has grounding issues. Let me know if you are also having this issue.

  • Dave

    I have this problem with my incredible. I figured out it was a capacitance/charge issue early – touching the phone to different surfaces usually fixes the problem. My dead spot is on the menu button (and the backspace button of the keyboard in landscape mode).

    This isn't an Apple smear – it's a legit issue with a small number of phones. Since it appears to be a small number of phones, I'm going to get mine replaced soon, since the chances of it recurring are negligible. The phone is perfect aside from this one problem.

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  • Matt

    My Incredible has recently gotten less responsive, and I get no touch ability on the right side of the screen like it's dead… Kinda pissed new phone and everything. Time to take it to verizon and be the disgruntled customer.

  • eka

    that is awesome!

  • Pam

    I've had this problem since the first week I got my EVO. In fact, tonight, no matter what I do, I can't unlock my phone.

  • Rosie

    My phone is less than a month old. Sometimes the screen is unresponsive. Last night I could not get it to respond at all, even after touching menu and removing the battery the screen would not unlock – the lock bar would sometimes go down like it was going to unlock but then it would come right back up and not unlock. This has happened before but I’ve always been able to get it to work by repeatedly swiping it. Last night nothing. Plus the screen stayed light all night and the battery was almost dead this morning! GRRR Guess it’s time to visit Verizon.

  • The HTC evo is crappy phone. If you ever owned an iPhone 3gs you will know what is what
    First off the evo isnt well made the screen peeling back issues and crap getting stuck in the cracks of the phone. Battery sucks and many evos struggle playing YouTube videos. Error cannot play video lol
    My Sanyo zio $99 plays YouTube in HD with ease. The camera on your evo ever come on for no reason? I had problems with speed as well. The loading bar would stop half way through on regular basis. What a piece of s.hit. why people love this phone a mystery to me.the Droid incredible is a great phone I’m getting one tomorrow. The incredible is everything the evo isn’t the incredible performs and is a much better device

  • kerscay

    I have some problems with dead spots in my screen…mostly on the left side in landscape mode…had to move my witgets from that area in order to use them. Doesn’t seem to make a difference if I am holding the phone or if it is laying on a flat surface (I usually hold it.) Not being a techie, this is my first touch screen, and my first Droid. Other than this one glitch, I love it.