AT&T Does it Again, Restricts Non-Market Apps on HTC Aria


Gosh darnit AT&T.  Just when we thought you were starting to get Android you had to go and pull this stuff again.  Like the Motorola Backflip, the just-announced HTC Aria will not allow for users to download apps from outside of the Android Market.  Say farewell to beta testing and direct-to-consumer downloads.  While you are at it, you can also kiss goodbye to market alternatives like OnlyAndroid and SlideMe.  AndroidCentral is reporting that the screen on the left is what the HTC Aria shows under the applications settings while the right side is a Nexus One.


  1. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I really do think that AT&T is trying to purposefully undermine Android by releasing crippled handsets. Don't you think that iPhone 4 exclusivity would be worth that much to them?

    • At the rate AT&T is going with the iPhone 4 pre-orders, they're going to lose the iPhone exclusivity. And Stevie's big day is highlighted with order problems and privacy breaches. LOL.

  2. hopefully there will be some sort of market for people to root this device. If so, and I was on ATT I would buy it.

  3. rooting the device will be 1 answer and then using the dev. tools will be the other. It maybe and aggrivation for the less tech savvy, but for those who it really concerns we'll get around it. nuff said.

    BTW, I'm excited to see an HTC Android device hit AT&T, hopefully the 29th we'll see the Samsung Galaxy S!!

  4. Yeesh..
    They (AT&T) have to support these.

    They just finished getting stung on security for iTampons.

    If I were AT&T I too would be VERY careful..

  5. That is so depressing! I have been waiting on this..and they kill it. I have a friend waiting on the Dell Mini 5 and they will probably kill that too.

    Really Apple? Are you THAT insecure?

  6. ya it sucks that ATT is blocking 3rd party apps, but honestly, how many average users will need these? Android Market has 50,000 apps and growing by the day. Nobody seems to complain that apple does the same thing….does web OS allow 3rd party apps?

  7. This is the kinda stuff that Verizon used to do with all their phones, locking customers out of options, and now AT&T has become the wireless company that cripples it's phones. Maybe it's time to jump ship.

  8. Unfortunately, everyone including AT&T thinks smartphone future is just consumer based. What about enterprise use of smartphones and tablets using their internally developed corporate apps? How will they install them?

  9. that is really stupid why are they doing this? they are not competing at all, if it’s apple doing this this that tell us one thing that apple is a bunch of pussys affraid of competition

  10. Sorry, I meant to ask if it is easy to get around AT&T blocking third part apps. I love small phone, but I can't stand being restricted

  11. To unblock / install at&t non-market app, you have couple choices.

    1. using ADB Shell via your pc.
    ( install command at dos is: adb install xxxx.apk )

    Now, if you want to install from the microsd or direct installation from you phone.
    There are couple requirement.
    1. Root your phone.
    2. Install “RootExplorer”
    3. Install “SQLite Editor”

    Then, go to your system file, take at&t MB520 Bravo for example.
    1. Go to /data/data/
    2. Then databases/settings.db
    3. finally choose “settings”
    4. should be line 76, tab the “1” of “force_only_market_apps”
    5. Press menu button and select edit field to “0”

    If not motorola phone, just go to

  12. Does this mean no good apps like the SNES emulator? If it’s on the market doesn’t that mean you can buy it or does it have to be a Android created app? I was looking at the HTC Aria and thought it looked awesome but this kinda draws me away.. D:
    Someone please explain this issue more to me? /:
    Guess i’ll buy it anyway because my option in the Aria or iPhone 3gs and i dont like iPhones..