Battle of the Keyboards

I recently decided to try out two keyboard apps to see which would fit me the best.  I didn’t like the stock keyboard on my Eris because it made me feel as though I didn’t have enough room to type either vertical or horizontal.  I chose to try ShapeWriter and ThickButtons.  I realize that they are two different ends of the spectrum with ShapeWriter being like Swype and ThickButtons is your normal typing keyboard.  I had to find the one that was right for me.


It took me a few weeks to get use to using this app.  I had many problems trying to spell out the word and the screen to register what I was trying to spell.  On my Blackberry, I couldn’t stand having the word helper on because I couldn’t get the correct word I needed when typing.  Well this app was the same way.  I had to keep deleting to get the correct word and most of the time had to search for what I wanted to type.

I liked the concept of this app but the space I had to write in didn’t help much.  When you turn the phone horizontal your word helper is located on the left hand of the screen which makes the keyboard half it’s original size and this makes for many mistakes.  I didn’t have any technical issues as in force closes or anything like this the problems I had with this app was just preference issues and it’s compatible with 1.5.


I had been wanting to check this app out for a few weeks before I got my update for 2.1.  This app is only for 2.1 and no they don’t plan on making it available for any OS lower than that.  That, so far to me, is the only negative about this app.

Whether you have your phone horizontal or vertical the buttons get larger after you begin to type a word.  It predicts what you are trying to type and enlarges a few buttons that it thinks you will touch next.  I really enjoy this app especially when in horizontal view.  The word helper is on top of the keyboard just like the stock one.  I didn’t have any technical issues with this one either.

I looked at these apps with having people in mind who have any problems trying to type or with issues getting your fingers to agree with your brain at times.  My hands seem to have a mind of their own most of the time and I get tired of having to correct myself when texting.  Also for those who have big fingers, I have a few friends who  have this problem and found that ThickButtons would work wonderfully for them.

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  • If you like Swype, beta testing is now open:

  • xarophti

    Graffiti (from the old Palm OS) has now come to Android as well. Look for Graffiti for Android. Great handwriting recognition input method.