Blackboard Mobile Arrives for Android Handsets on Sprint Network

Since 1997, Blackboard has made it possible for thousands of higher education, K-12, professional, corporate, and government organizations to go beyond traditional learning. Earlier today Blackboard  announced the availability of a native application for Android handsets on Sprint‘s network. The free title allows students to check grades and assignments, email instructors, and further discussions on blog posts and message boards and much more. Blackboard Mobile Learn help to recreate and enrich course experiences of Blackboard Learn with a native app specifically designed to take advantage of the Android platform.   For more information head to Blackboard’s Android site.

  • Great post… thanks for sharing 😀

  • Too bad my university no longer uses Blackboard. 🙁

  • Why only on Sprint? I have Verizon and my school uses Blackboard. Sure would love this app. Wonder if I can get the APK somewhere? hint hint hint…..

  • Kinetic

    Yeah I was about to say this was going to be useful till I saw the Sprint only note.

  • wow,, thats nice,,

  • eka

    thanks for info

  • stuart

    what a clusterfuck of a website you have here

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