Is the Droid X Really Running Froyo?


Engadget has just posted some exclusive hands-on goodness of the Motorola Droid X. In their post, they make it very clear that the device is running Android 2.1, and not 2.2 (aka Froyo).

The perplexes me for one simple reason. Take a look at the screenshot below. It was taken from one of their videos showing the device in action. Notice the widget circled in green. Recognize it? It’s the same widget Google introduced with Froyo (see 2nd pic).

It could just be that Ninjablur, which will be Motorola’s custom UI for the Droid X, was given this Android 2.2 widget independently of Froyo. However, since the AOSP version of 2.2 has yet to be released, I find it hard to believe that this is the case. Then again, that could also mean that Motorola doesn’t have Android 2.2 to actually develop with. Hmm…

Keep in mind that Verizon’s upcoming Droid event on the 23rd will include Adobe. Doesn’t Adobe make Flash? Wasn’t Flash made for Froyo? Did Engadget actually get to check the software version in the phone’s settings, or are they just reporting what they were told by whoever let them use the phone? Maybe Engadget was sworn to Froyo secrecy. Whatever the case, I’m still scratching my head.

Anyone care to chime in? Perhaps you, Motorola. No? How about Verizon?


  1. yeah man, thats exactly what i was thinking. left a comment on the engadget page hopefully they clear this up. but that widget seems like froyo to me. plus the phone is very snappy. er, um omappy. lol

  2. All froyo shots I have seen though have am/pm on the clock in the notification bar(including the froyo droid in my hand) I guess they could have this phone on 24hr format though.
    ok this makes no sense.

  3. I would Masterbate to this phone!
    This thing is sexy!
    It shouldn’t be called the Droid X, it should be called……………… The Droid XXX

  4. This phone looks awesome, but personally I don't care for custom UI's. Before potentially buying this phone I'd make certain I could revert to stock android.

  5. Actually, Google must have gottten the idea of that widget from Motorola. The Motorola Cliq had a similar widget when it launched last year, and it runs 1.5. So I wouldn't be surprised if Motorola simply upgraded their widget.

    Besides, it's not even exactly the same. The Motorola version has a Trash can while the Froyo version has what looks like a gripper.

    • "Besides, it's not even exactly the same. The Motorola version has a Trash can while the Froyo version has what looks like a gripper. "

      The widget cycles through different features of the OS and explains how to use them. Trash can is one of the things that it explains. This means nothing. It's the same exact widget as seen in Froyo.