Google Takes On Apple Again, This Time with Google Music

If you, like me, have been begging the Google gods to provide some sort of streamlined music shopping experience on your Android powered handset, it seems that the gods indeed have heard our pleading.  It looks like the Google Music service may be launching this Fall.

Cnet is reporting that according to several music industry insiders, Google is reading their music service to launch this fall, way ahead of original expectations, and finally giving music companies what they have been begging for themselves; a strong competitor to iTunes so that they have some leverage to finally negotiate with Apple, and not feel like they have their hands in a vise everytime they have to make a deal with Apple.

Google it seems has been working on this service for a while, as they have acquired companies like Simplify Media, which allows users to stream music to their mobile devices from a home library using a cloud music concept.  Now it is rumored that Apple has been looking and developing their own cloud based music service, but if Google launches it this Fall, it will be a significant victory.  Imagine if you will that we finally get a subscription based service that actually works, like the one we have been begging Apple to launch.  Imagine if Google finally made that a reality, and how much of a success that would be.  I for one am excited about the prospect, and am looking forward to this Fall to see what finally lands regarding this service.  Google Music FTW!

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  • This is seriously a kick in the balls to Apple. If Google goes one step further and actually SELLS music over this service, that's taking a shot at Apples baby (iTunes).

    At least Google has the jewels to do it.

  • NoWayHosea

    Not sure about Google as they have not put out anything yet I like.

    • guest

      your a total dork. get with the times.

    • crackless

      You are definitely a plant/megafanboy from a competitor (Apple, MS, Yahoo, etc).

  • This will probably just be part of their cloud based Android Market. TechCrunch was grasping at straws when they claimed it would be called Google Music simply because Google had a "Music" logo.

    Read my analysis of this and you'll have no doubt…

    • crackless

      Close, but no. If you’re gonna pay such close attention to the URL, you should also note the usage of “DOGFOOD” in it as well. *smh*

  • ari-free

    The funny thing is that most of the music I like to listen to isn't available on itunes. The website states
    "All of the the song downloads that we sell, are windows media files…"
    "Can I play music from Music Downloads on my Macintosh?
    No. Sorry, but Music Downloads… are not compatible with any Macintosh computer."

  • ari-free

    Another theme I'm seeing is that Google likes to have partners (Adobe, Open handset Alliance, the big labels) while Apple tries to do everything alone and stab people in the back.

  • There is no 'media cloud' to their music available at the companies you listed. Technique, where you can add your music files in the cloud and send them interface with the phone (or other device) while driving the highway, sitting on the bus, etc., may be in high demand. No more USB / Bluetooth Transferring music. No longer synchronized. Another phone. New home and car radios that link the music in the cloud. The list can go on. It is interesting to see who else agrees this is a race of technology such as Apple and Google.

  • If Google's Music Market turns out to be anything like the app Market, I'm sad to say I don't think Steve will lose much sleep over this…

    • Watch the 2nd keynote event of Google IO 2010 and you get an idea of how it may look like. Much different that the Android Market is in its current state.

      • Yeah, I know – just venting my frustration over Market. 2years has soon gone by, and I'm still unable to buy apps. It's pathetic, especially compared to Android (and the hardware running Android) itself.

  • This, most assuredly, would be a win for Google and a major kick in the pants to iTunes. Amazon already took some of Apple's business with their integration into the mobile phone market (i.e., Palm Pre, Android Phones).

    Nobody has talked much of it, but this should also hurt Amazon a bit, unless they are one of Google's partners in this?

  • It’s bad for the future!

  • yes,, im agree,, with adela,,

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