MyTouch 3G Slide Rooted

The MyTouch 3G Slide has been rooted!   MyTouch 3G Slide users will now have access to ROMs and all kinds of goodies.  Anybody interested should click here for a clear set of instructions (they are very easy to follow).

Let us know how it goes folks! Happy hacking!

Source: Android Central

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  1. theweakend
    June 16, 03:55 Reply

    is there a way i can get vanilla android on this thing as so far i am not impressed with the sense/espresso/alternate-uis-across-the-board-suck it would be awesome if it was 2.2 but i think i would be fine with 2.1

  2. sd card
    June 16, 06:46 Reply

    It seems that HTC / Verizon hired by the CIA to check if the incredible. This seems to be difficult (in a simple, always repeatedly).

  3. eka
    July 12, 15:59 Reply

    thanks for sharing..

  4. Reputation Managers
    December 28, 00:38 Reply

    It seems that HTC hired by the CIA to check if the incredible. Anyways it’s very helpful.

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