First Official Peek at Sony Ericsson Android-Based “Yendo” Walkman

    The first images of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming Android-based Walkman have arrived online.  Thanks to the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog we can see that the not-yet-announced “Yendo” Walkman series devices look very much like the Xperia handsets released so far.  Coming in multiple colors, the Yendo look like it will have a blend of PDA functionality and multimedia.  The rumors are that this has Android 1.6 on it but we can’t say how much that really affects the day-to-day usage.  If it’s not connected to the Android Market and doesn’t attempt to pass itself off like a traditional Android phone, it should be a decent experience.

    • I am surprised they haven't allowed this to connect to the Android Market so apps can be used ala the iPod touch.

      • Sanjay

        I can't imagine it wouldn't have support for the Market. That would be stupid.

    • NO ANDROID ON THIS DEVICE!!! Is only de SE UI 😉

    • eka

      it's cool