March 31, 2015

Rumor Taps Droid X For July 19th Launch

The Droid X rumor mill has gone into overdrive these past few days with pictures, specs, and ad treatments arriving almost daily.  All we’re really waiting on is price and a release date.  Scratch that, we’re only waiting on price now.  Thanks to, who else, Droid Life we have penciled July 19th in as Droid X Release Date.  According to their sources, Verizon employees have started ordering t-shirts for the launch of the next super phone out of Big Red.

Who plans on picking one of these up just over a month from now?

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  1. Eric

    I will be. After I return my HTC incredible due to signal issues. Makes the decision easier to wait for the Droid x.

  2. sumvision cyclone

    As we discovered with all the commitments on the EVO HW, bigger is not better. Add a protective case on this issue and will be the size of a netbook with blood. Thank you very much, I'll stay w / my wonderful.


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