Rumor Taps Droid X For July 19th Launch

The Droid X rumor mill has gone into overdrive these past few days with pictures, specs, and ad treatments arriving almost daily.  All we’re really waiting on is price and a release date.  Scratch that, we’re only waiting on price now.  Thanks to, who else, Droid Life we have penciled July 19th in as Droid X Release Date.  According to their sources, Verizon employees have started ordering t-shirts for the launch of the next super phone out of Big Red.

Who plans on picking one of these up just over a month from now?

  • Eric

    I will be. After I return my HTC incredible due to signal issues. Makes the decision easier to wait for the Droid x.

  • As we discovered with all the commitments on the EVO HW, bigger is not better. Add a protective case on this issue and will be the size of a netbook with blood. Thank you very much, I'll stay w / my wonderful.

    • Tom

      EVO works for me. Fits in shirt pocket. Great features.

  • eka

    thanks for sharing