New Pictures Confirm Samsung Galaxy S Pro as 4G Handset


Yesterday saw the first picture of Samsung’s Galaxy S Pro arrive online.  Along with the picture of the 5-row QWERTY handset was speculation that it would be among Sprint’s next 4G handsets.  A pair of pictures quickly followed last night and provide confirmation that the phone is 4G-capable.  You’ll also notice that there is an LED flash just below the camera.  This is another addition to the Sprint unit that other carriers are not expected to have. 

No release date or price on the unit still, but Sprint is making some strong offerings with Android phones lately.  I know I am feeling the pull to perhaps jump ship from T-Mobile to get this unit!


  1. While its not my style, this is a needed phone. Other than the droid, there is no other capable keyboard equipped phone. Glad to see it

  2. It might be worthwhile returning your Evo for this.

    Why? Mostly because of the GPU in it… I just want to be able to play all the games that my Palm Pre could play.
    Qualcomm's Snapdragon is kinda' behind GPU wise and their Adreno 200 isn't cutting it. They're probably releasing better things later on in the year, but it doesn't help the Evo's GPU isn't up to par…