T-Mobile Confirms “Unprecedented, One-Day-Only Event”

You may want to pump the brakes a little bit if you are thinking of adding a line of service to your T-Mobile account.  If at all possible, you are advised to wait until Saturday, June 19th to add a line of service or sign up as a new customer.  Why?  Because T-Mobile has officially confirmed their one-day-only sale where any and all handsets are free for qualifying customers.

T-Mobile will break the traditional gift-giving mold by offering every phone in every store for free. This Saturday, starting at 8 a.m., simply visit a T-Mobile retail store and switch to any family plan, or add a new line to an existing family plan, and walk out of the store with a new phone for every new line with a two-year agreement customer’s choice while supplies last.

If you’re looking to snag an Android phone then you will likely have the following handsets to choose from:

  • T-Mobile G1
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G 3.5mm
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide
  • Garminfone
  • Samsung Behold II
  • Motorola Cliq
  • Motorola Cliq XT
  • MojoJOJO

    The choices are trash if you're a serious smartphone user or know what the current spec standards are. When I first heard about this I thought of sending my wife's new N1 back but then I realized that T-Mo has no top notch Android devices that they actually sell. The Galaxy is supposed to come out at the end of July but after their recent 1.5 fiasco there's no way I'd feel good putting money towards any of their devices. This deal is good if you have a teen or need a lighter spec'd device but I can't imagine why anyone would buy something that should last 2yrs that is outdated now.

    • joe405

      I think the MTSlide will surprise you with what it can do.

  • Great post… thanks for sharing 😀

  • eka

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